Pomaire Tour – The Capital of Artisanal Ceramics in South America

Pomaire is a small town in the region of Malipilla, which is known as the “cave of robbers”, and lies between hills of Mallarauco and Piguilmo – about 70 Km from Santiago, Chile.

Pomaire is famous for their traditional dishes like pastel de Choclo (Corn cake) and artisanal  ceramic pottery, as well as the “el chanchos” – little pig statues.

Pomaire as a special atmosphere on theirs streets, where their old pottery traditions have  been passed on for generation to generation – for several centuries.  This city is a perfect location to discover Chile’s History,  enjoy Chilean food such as empanadas, and check out all the cool pottery!

When it comes to their empanadas, this town is known for Giant Empanadas. As soon as you think you have found a big one, you turn around, and there is even a bigger one in the nex store.  Have fun with your friends and see who can find the largest Empanada in the whole city!:) It’s like a Pompaire Empanada Treasure Hunt!

In terms of pottery, you will find souvenir stores of all shapes and sizes. They will sell pottery that is more like artwork, but will also sell pottery you can actually utilize in your kitchen, for your barbeque, or just anywhere in your house.  Yes, this town is touristy, but their pottery is legit, and it’s worth picking up at least a small Pompaire Clay Pig to bring home as a souvenir for a friend.




Visiting Pomaire by car

Drive to the Autopista del Sol (Route 78) southwest, take the Pomaire exit, turn right and the road takes you right into the heart of the city of Pomaire. There will be small toll fees long the way. If you happen to rent a car, you’re covered for the tolls through the city but once you hit the toll booths there will be fees, and please note, they only accept cash. If just visiting Pomaire, 3,000-4,000 clp should be enough to cover the toll fees along the way

Visiting Pomaire by bus

Take the redline Metro to Estación Central.  There will be buses to Pomaire or Mellipilla, the closest town to Pomaire that leave from Terminal San Borja. There should be several bus options at least to Mellipilla but ther will also be a booth that has a sign that says Pomaire and you can inquire about going directly to Pomaire. If, by chance, yo ucna’t find a direct bu leaving for Pomaire, simple take a bus to Mellipilla, and then a short taxi ride to Pomaire, and you are there!

Or you could book a Pomaire potter tour with us, check it out here!


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