My adventure in Torres del Paine

Going to Torres Del Paine was, no doubt, one of my favorite trips that I did in Chile! I believe it is a trip that everyone should do, once in their lifetime, because you get to be so close to nature and see glaciers and mountains that make you feel so small yet amazes you in an indescribable way. It’s also the closest I’ll ever be to Antarctica. I’m not a professional explorer, so I doubt I would ever go to Antarctica – but Torres Del Paine was definitely a perfect trip for an average person like me, who just wanted to sight see and travel.

Overall, Chile is a very nice country to visit and its capital, Santiago, is a great place to take in some sights, musuems, and drink a pisco or two.  That being said, if you have the time, I would highly recommend going on a trekking trip or an excursion to Torres del Paine to be able to experience and enjoy Chile’s beautiful nature. It’s something that you cannot find in any other country because it’s just so unique! I recommend downloading TheBesty app to look for trekking and nature exploring tours like the one I did.

What is Torres Del Paine? Torres del Paine is a national park in the southern part of Chile’s Patagonia. The park is enormous, with an area of 935 square miles. It is one of the largest and most visited parks in Chile. There are mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, trees, birds, fresh air and nature…nature everywhere.


To get to Torres Del Paine, a lot of people tend to first travel to Punta Arenas, a town that is a 3-hour drive away from Puerto Natales – and 4-hour drive away from Torres del Paine. A fun fact, Punta Arenas is actually the farthest south continental city in the world. It is also a very important port for bi-oceanic traffic.

The town was incredibly beautiful with its big statues, monuments, and buildings. I also visited a cemetery that was gorgeous as well. There was also something about the town that made it feel very peaceful. I can show you a few pictures here, but you really need to visit this place yourself – to get the full experience. This town is definitely a top recommendation!


Close to the town, I also visited a place called Fuerte Bulnes. It used to be a Chilean fort to protect the town from colonization. What remains today are small wood stick houses and old cannons. It’s a top sightseeing place with an amazing view of the sea, another stop that you should not miss.

On my trip to Torres Del Paine, I also visited a natural monument called Cueva del Milodón. It’s a cave that was underwater years and years ago when the sea level was high. What remains today are fossils of giant mysterious creatures that used to exist, a famous one being Mylodon. This famous extinct creature deserves its own article – so keep yourself updated with this blog; I’ll be writing an article about Mylodon soon.


After visiting the cave, my group and I went to a small town called Villa Cerro Castillo. This was my group’s last stop before we headed to see the one and only Torres Del Paine. The town was very quiet and surrounded by mountains. Visiting the town definitely built up the excitement to see Torres Del Paine because of how close we were to the mountains.


A few hours later, I finally arrived to Torres Del Paine! First, I stopped to see giant glaciers that I’ve never see in my life, and even touched and drank its cold water. Then I stopped to see the famous three granite peaks of the Paine mountains. There’s just something about these three peaks that catches your breath, they’re the view that a thousand tourists come every year to see.  Looking back, it wasn’t just these three peaks that amazed me, but everything else that I saw along the way before arriving to that point that made my whole trip to Torres Del Paine, a journey I’ll never forget. As human beings, we spend a majority of our lives living in cities with houses, cars and skyscrapers, that we often forget how nature looks and the true beauty that it has to offer. So, if you have the opportunity, I suggest taking a break from work and going on a trip to Torres Del Paine, it’s a unique experience that I don’t think you’ll get anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Torres Del Paine, check out this horseback tour here!

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