Discovering Valparaiso, Chile – The Famous Chilean Seaside City of Legends, Myths, and Culture

Once the most important port cities in South America, Valparaiso is now a popular destination for tourists coming to Chile, as well as locals who just want to go for a visit.  Just 90 minutes from Santiago, more and more people are visiting the coastal city of Valparaiso, to explore its many quirks and compelling characteristics.


The city is nestled in cerros (hills) which are scattered within a labyrinth of vibrant, steep streets and alleyways, and an abundance of innovative street art, which can be viewed on a bike tour of the city’s most beautiful murals. Another fantastic way to experience these diverse surroundings is through Valparaiso’s funicular system. Valparaiso has 22 funiculars in total, all unique in their history, with some dating back to the 19th century.

For those looking to revel in the city’s exciting atmosphere, there are plenty of eccentric cafés and restaurants to explore, and you will find that everything comes alive at nighttime. Valparaiso’s large student population means there are lots of bustling bars and pubs to enjoy, such as Bar Liberty, a local spot which is located in the picturesque Plaza Echaurren. Those more interested in learning about Valparaiso’s rich culture and history can enjoy the many museums and art galleries it has to offer. Many of these are dedicated to well known writers, musicians and artists who took inspiration from the city during their lives there, one of whom is Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean writer and poet. La Sebastiana Museum, one of his houses, is a great place to visit to learn more about his works and bohemian lifestyle.

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The coastal nature of Valparaiso also increases its popularity, with many water based tours and activities available, allowing people to admire the bay and historic port. If you’d rather explore the pacific from beneath the waters however, the small sea side village of Quintay is only 45 minutes away and is a hit amongst scuba divers, with trips available for anyone from beginner to advanced. A shipwreck just off the shore, home to some intriguing marine life and corals, provides a fascinating diving experience.  Further,  a short boat trip to the Lobera de Curaumilla dive site gives divers the opportunity to swim amongst the largest seal colony in the region.

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