The Story Of Chile’s Indio Picaro Statue

While strolling around Chile’s souvenir markets or ferias, you may have noticed an artisan statue that looks like an indigenous man with a red face.


This statue is called Indio Picaro. It’s a small statue, no higher than 15 cm. 

But what’s so special about this status? The status looks like an artisan statie carved by hand. But then when you pick it up to look at it closer and admire the art work, its genitals pop out! This statue was created in 1980 by Jorge Medina Ramirez as a joke to a friend but then soon became very popular around Santiago.


There’s even 1 copy in the White House and a female version that shows her vagina!

If you enjoy exploring artisanal markets, check out this great tour of the Pomaire pottery village here.

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