Things To Do On Easter Island, Horseback Riding, Hiking, and Biking – Part 1

Winter is Chile is ending and it’s time to start planning your grand summer vacation! If you’re living abroad, outside of Chile, then I highly recommend visiting the country anytime from December-March. One of the biggest summer trips you can do in Chile is to visit Easter Island!


Easter Island is a true paradise for travelers who are passionate about outdoor activities. Adventure lovers can explore all the different facets of the island such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, and a variety of water activities. Tourists looking for a more relaxed vacation can make use of rental cars to discover the landscape, beaches, and archaeological sites. You can also just simply go for a walk and let yourself be guided by the coast, the nature, and the beauty of the island.

On your first day of arrival, (and to start the day right), you should spend the morning relaxing in the bright white beach of  -and catch some rays.

Check out this great horse-back tour which will let you get better acquainted with the Rapa-Nui culture and landscape here.



“The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse.”

This above quote seems to ring true when you are discovering all of Easter Island’s nature on horseback. If you want to get access to horseback riding routes that one cannot explore by car, and become one with the wild nature, I recommend you booking a nice relaxing horseback riding tour.  You don’t need any previous experience for one of Easter Island’s horsebacking riding tours, but if you do have experience, there are higher level tours for you as well:)

Depending on your preferences, you can also explore the highest peak of Easter Island – the Terevaka Volcano, which sits 8511 meters high, and is only reachable by walking or horseback. Once at the volcano, you can get a unique and unforgettable 360° view of Easter Island – it’s truly a site to behold!  Afterwards, you can also visit the beautiful Anakena Beach, or get insights into the archaeological sites that exist in the island, such as “the Cave of the Virgins” – located in Poike.



Easter Island is also the perfect place to go for a hike. Take the opportunity to enjoy the unique views and feel the island on foot, as the people once did hundreds of years ago. Take advantage of its easy trails and start your hike in the heart of Easter Isand: Hanga Roa, which is a small town – but actually houses 95% of the island’s citizens. The Church of the Holy Cross is also located in Hanga Roa, representing the blend of the Catholic symbolism and the Rapa Nui people. There are also many other significant sites such as The Cemetery and Ports in the town.


Then, traveling further – on this easy 5 km trail – you will see Hanga Piko (the hidden bay) and the Ana Kai Tangata cave with its unique paintings. Afterwards, you will continue until you reach the Rano Kau Volcano which offers you the spectacular view  of Easter Island, due to the volcano’s amazing viewpoint.  From the viewpoint, you can also visit the ceremonial village of Orongo nearby.


Lastly, you can explore the other sites on Easter Island by bike, riding on the many paved roads that the island has to offer. Although you must be careful after the rain due to slippery and dirty roads, I highly recommend doing a bike tour. There are several tracks along the coast from Hanga Roa to Orongo (6km) that climb up the Rano Kau Crater. You can also choose the circular tour starting from Hanga roa, which crosses the airport and leads you to the beautiful, Anakena Beach. Here, you can also head on to Puna Pau (a small extinct volcano), Ahu Akivi (the platform with the 7 moai), and Ana Te Pahu (a small cave which has a stone bed from ancient times). If you keep venturing south toward the coast, you will come back to Hanga Roa, where you can discover a 50 m long lava tube (Ana Kakenga), also called “the cave of the two windows”.  Finally, take a few minutes to relax, and head down the coast to Tahai, where many people say is the best spot to watch the sunset.

If you enjoyed reading what I wrote, check out my part 2 of this article, titled “Things To Do On Easter Island – Part 2.

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