Things To Do On Easter Island – Part 2

14130387676_a724101cfc_oThings To Do On Easter Island – Part 1

By now, you should already know about the many possibilities that Easter Island offers for you to explore it’s nature – onshore. But, since the island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, sea lovers can also get their money’s worth by discovering the hidden depths of the unbelievably clear ocean through diving or feeling the waves of the sea through surfing. If you prefer staying dry, don’t worry, since there are also many boat rides along the coast of the island, as well as yearly traditional festivals and ancestral shows that you can enjoy.



Easter Island has the best conditions for snorkeling and diving. The water is so clear and transparent that you won’t have any struggle with the visibility until 60 meters deep. Due to the minimal contamination of the water and an absence of plankton, with the water temperature being between 18 and 26 degrees, you will experience an unforgettable diving tour through the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Moreover, the flora and fauna in the area consist of over 160 species, 26% of which, are uniquely endemic to Easter Island. The coral species denote a spectacular development that you can explore 5 to 18 meters deep at the Hanga Roa Bay.

Be prepared to get in touch with sea turtles and a huge variety of tropical fish, that will blow your mind with their rich colorfulness. You will also get to see a unique underwater volcanic landscape, which you probably will never see anywhere else! It’s full of caves, lava platforms and cliffs. There are even underwater “Moai Statues” – which will make your diving experience even more special!

For a great diving experience, check out this excellent excursion here!



Around Easter Island, excellent surfing conditions exist between September and March, allowing experts as well as beginners to experience surfing in the Pacific Ocean. The waves develop for thousands of miles until they crash onto the cliffs, building up to a remarkable 5 meters high! It’s recommended for beginners to take part in surfing lessons, which are offered in the summer, along the Hanga Roa Bay. The best place to learn to ride the Easter Island waves is on Pea Beach.

Experienced surfers should head to the southwest and northwest – Mataveri and Tahai – which offer more challenging waves.  What’s more, there is the Rapa Nui Pro Surf Championship that is celebrated every year in October, which gives you the perfect opportunity to observe the professionals riding the waves of Hanga Roa.



To enjoy the island from a completely different perspective, go for a boat ride! It’s not only relaxing to float along the sea but you’ll also get to enjoy the nice view of the coast, which will include the 3 islets: Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. These 3 islets are historically meaningful because they were once the stage for the Birdman Competitions in the 18th century, which decided who would rule the island every year. Side note: That must have been pretty cool!

Watch out for boat rides which combine a boat tour with snorkeling, this will make your trip even more fun and awesome. Or, book a trip in the glass bottom boat of Easter Island, to get a true insight into the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean!



Passionate sports lovers should definitely know about Easter Island’s “Sports Weekend”, which takes place every year around June/-and consists of the Rapa Nui Triathlon on Friday, the Rapa Nui Mountain bike on Saturday, and the Rapa Nui Marathon on Sunday.

Taking part in a sporting event like this, in a completely unusual environment, makes it an unforgettable memory during your stay on Easter Island! Check the website for more info, prices and registration!


If you enjoyed reading what I wrote, check out my part 3 of this article, titled “Things To Do On Easter Island – Part 3

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