Peru Is Much More Than Machu Picchu. Learn About All The Amazing Places, Beaches, and Mountains in Peru!

When people think of Peru, most think about Machu Picchu. But in fact, Peru has much more to offer than many people even realize. The diversity of Peru is so immense, that you will find highlands, jungle, and coastlines, all in one country! You will not only see the coast and the amazing Andes, but also witness the unbelievable Amazonas.


First of all, if you want to go to the coast, there is no better place than Lima, a place where you will find shops and beaches. Peru is one of the best places to surf, so when you visit the beaches, you should definitely give this sport a try! Further in the North, you will find even more beautiful beaches, such as Punta Sal, where Presidents have beach houses and Máncora – a beautiful touristic place and the most visited beach in the North of Peru. There are other beaches as well, such as Vichayto, which is famous because it is a calm beach where you can go kite surfing. And for the surf lovers, visiting Órganos is a must.  Organos is simply the best place to practice surfing in Peru!

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On the other side of Peru, as I’ve mentioned, you have the Andes! You will discover that the Andes is divided into 3 parts: the Andes North, Andes South and Central Andes. All of the Andes pass through the highlands of Peru, from the country’s border with Ecuador to its border with Bolivia and Chile. If you wish to visit this area, and have a spectacular view of all the Cordillera de Los Andes, you should go to Ancash, it is a city that is located in the western central part of the country. People also often say that another place to visit and discover incredible natural scenarios is Cajamarca, which is located in the North of Peru, and has very welcoming people and even more beautiful views of the Cordillera de Los Andes.

If you’re looking to explore the Peruvian Andes, check out this great horse-riding tour here.


Finally, you have the inexplicable jungle of Peru. I call it this because there are some places in the jungle that have still not been fully discovered, places  where natives lives, and other places in the jungle so difficult  to get to – they are basically inaccessible. That being said, you can go to the Reserva Nacional del Manu; which so big that it is partially located in two cities, Madre de Dios AND Cusco. The Reserve is divided into three parts, one is the National Park, where only biologists and researchers may enter (as it is only for investigation), the estación biológica de Cocha Cashu, one of the most important research centers of tropical forests is the main area here.  The second part is  the Reserved Zone – where tourists are allowed to visit. And the third part is the Transition Zone and Cultural Materials, where settlers who develop agricultural and forest activities live. There are still some parts where only few people have access to as the natives who live there do not speak Spanish. They have a unique language or dialect since they came from the Asháninka or Aguaruna, two of the most popular jungles in Peru.


After telling you about the different amazing areas and places in Peru, its impossible to say that  Machu Picchu is the only place to visit!   For those who love adventure sports, you can go to the coast; for those who prefer being with nature but not with exotic animals, you have the highlands; and for those who want to have a unique experience and are not afraid of spiders, anacondas and insects – you can visit the jungle!

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