Skiing in Valle Nevado During Chile’s Beautiful Winter Season…

Bordered by the Andes mountains, Chile is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable ski or snowboarding experience away from the typical North American/European style resorts. As peak season occurs in July/August here in Chile, The Andes provides a breathe of fresh air away from the heat of the Northern Hemisphere summers.


The biggest (and one of the most popular resorts), Valle Nevado, is definitely worth exploring. The way the edges of your skis or board will glide through the soft powder snow that appears mid-season, is definitely not a feeling to be missed while traveling in Chile! At a maximum altitude of 3700 meters, the mountains offer some of the best quality snow in the country and what’s more, being only 46km from the capital city of Santiago, means you can experience the greatness of the mountains and the city – all in one exhilarating day trip.

It’s not only the proximity to the capital which makes a trip to Valle Nevado worthwhile. It’s part of the Tres Valles (three valleys) mountain range, including two other major resorts, La Parva and El Colorado, which means you basically have access to a 3 in 1 deal. Why not start your day exploring the white peaks of Valle Nevado, switch to some awesome skiing through La Parva, and end with a relaxing alpine ski and a couple of piscos on El Colorado mountain? If you are just looking for an exhilarating day out, there’s a cool excursion you can book here which takes you to all of these places.


If you are also into photography then Valle Nevado is the resort for you.  Take your camera up the slopes with you and you’ll be able to capture some of the most awe-inspiring views you’ve ever seen. Located above the treeline, there are barely any trees blocking your sight, giving you a crystal clear view over the mountains where you’ll witness the spiky peaks and glistening glacial features of the Andes mountains.  An evening ski session is highly recommendable if you want to see some stunning sunsets.


The Valle Nevado resort is great for practical reasons too; it has fantastic modern facilities with brilliant lifts and slopes suitable for all abilities, so if you want to get into skiing or snowboarding, don`t hesitate to book some beginner classes on some of the best pistes in South America. If you really want make the most of the slopes, accommodation is available to meet your every wish, with affordable, well equipped apartments to luxury top of the range ski chalets – among the options of places where you can stay to enjoy your trip to the max!

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