The Best Places To Try Pisco and Pisco Sours In Peru

When you visit Peru, there is one thing you must try… and that is Pisco with a capital P! In Peru, distillers take much pride in making pisco. Until today, pisco in Peru continues to be produced in copper pot stills instead of continuous stills. And unlike in other countries, they are never diluted after being distilled, rather they enter the bottles directly! It makes Peruvian piscos pure, strong, and a must try when you visit the country.

Here’s a list of the top 5 places where you must try pisco in Peru!

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Antigua Taberna Queirolo

Queirolo Bar, Lima

Queirolo Bar produces their own pisco! It’s a traditional restaurant that has been around for over 184 years. Here, you can not only enjoy homemade pisco but also local Argentinean dishes that compliment the piscos perfectly. And if you don’t like piscos, this restaurant also serves the best wines as well! The service and atmosphere are always good, which is a big plus.

Direction: San Martin 1090, Pueblo Libre, Lima
Telephone: +51 1 4600441

If you’re looking for a great culinary experience in Lima, check out this excellent gastronomical tour by bicycle here.

Museo del Pisco

Museo del Pisco, Cusco

Another fantastic place to try pisco is, no other than, the Museum of Pisco – in Cusco! You can learn about the history of pisco, where it is made and how it is made. The museum will also teach you about the different styles of piscos (pisco puro, pisco mosto verde and pisco acholado) and the grapes varieties as well, the different aromatic grapes and non-aromatic grapes used to make pisco. What a better place to not only taste pisco but also learn about it as well! The restaurant at the museum has a whole menu with 6 pages of different types of piscos that you can try! This place is, no doubt, is a top recommendation!

Direction: Santa Catalina Ancha 398, Esquina con calle San Agustin Centro Historico, Cusco
Telephone: (+51) 84-262709

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.31.43 PM
Amaz Restaurante

Amaz, Lima

Amaz is a very unique and exquisite restaurant. The chefs here specialize in cooking with ingredients collected from the rainforest! Here, you can taste pisco sours made from juice of the araza, a native fruit that has the perfect level of tartness for the drink. The bartenders also add tropical fruit flavors into the drink, making it super unique and special, differing their pisco cocktails from other pisco sours that are  made with only lime juice. Everything about the pisco sour from Aamz is simply on point. This is definitely the legit place to go get a perfect pisco sour!

Direction: Av. La Paz 1079 Miraflores, Lima
Telephone: (01) 221 9393 / (01) 221 9880

huaringas 1
Huaringas Bar

Huaringas Bar, Lima

If you can’t make it to Amaz, then Huaringas Bar is another fabulous alternative. The bartenders at Huaringas  make their pisco sours with tropical fruits. Some top recommendations are the passion fruit pisco and another one called “brujo sour” which is made with coca leaves. Besides their great piscos, this restaurant is big and the atmosphere is also quite nice and fun. There is even live music during the weekends!

Direction: Ovalo Bolognesi 460, Miraflores, Lima
Telephone: +51 1 2438151

Ayahuasca Bar

Ayahuasca Bar, Lima

Ayahuasca Bar is also another great place to enjoy and taste some amazing pisco sours! This restaurant serves 50 flavors of pisco sours so it’s definitely a must go! Another top reason to visit this restobar is its interior design and atmosphere! The restaurant is housed in a huge mansion with many floors and rooms filled with classy decorations. It is the perfect place to take your significant other out on a glamorous date or with friends  – to take beautiful pictures.

Direction: Avenida Prolongacion San Martin 130 Barranco
Telephone: +51 981 044 745

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3 thoughts on “The Best Places To Try Pisco and Pisco Sours In Peru

  1. Patricia Gilkey August 18, 2016 / 4:42 pm

    they are all great but so is Pisco Bar on Petit Thouars near the Inca Market- the Pisco tasting is a learning experience in the hands of Ricardo, the proprietor – food is very good also!


  2. srdexter November 14, 2016 / 2:28 pm

    Thanks for the tip, Patricia! Sounds like a great place


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