El Cerro de San Cristobal- The Perfect View of Santiago

San Cristobal´s hill can be considered the biggest green lung of the city of Santiago with 722 hectares. But this park has something really special, its 800 m tall, allowing you to have an astounding view of the whole city, surrounded by the Andes and the Cordillera.

Views from the hill

If you come in winter, it is highly advisable to visit the Cerro after a rainy day, when you will have the greatest view of the city, partly out of pollution.  I visited the hill in the afternoon so I could see the amazing sky when the sun goes down in Santiago, totally recommended.  However, no worries if you go and  you don´t see the sunset or amazing view, you will love it all the same!

But, what to do there?

Apart from the views and having a walk around the park, you will find one important symbol of the city, the 14m high statue of the Virgen de la Immaculada Concepción. Moreover, in the park there are two public pools for summer. The National Zoo is located there, as well as a the Mapulemu botanic garden and the child playground. 5 minutes away from the park you will find the Japanese Garden.

If you’re looking for a less steep way to discover the city, why not take this incredible Santiago discovery tour here.

Statue of the Immaculada concepción

It is typical to take the famous “mote con huesillo”, a sweet drink which I personally like so much, and if you are hungry after your way up to the cerro, you can enjoy a Chilean empanada!dfghj

There are two main way to visit El Cerro de San Cristobal :

Walking or hiking:  it will take you around 45 min from the park entrance in Bellavista to the top, and the path is not very complicated. Moreover, there are many benches on the way up and a snack bar in case you need some drinks or food. Just follow the Virgin Statue and enjoy the views along the way, and you will be at the top before you know it!

Funicular: in 445 Calle Pio Nono, you will find the funicular station that will carry you to the zoo and the Cerro in a few minutes.


*Monday to Friday- 10:00 to 18:45h:

  • Adults:
    • Zoo: 800 $ chilean pesos
    • Cerro: 1500$ chilean pesos
    • Go and return: 2000$ chilean pesos
  • Children and seniors:
    • Zoo: 500 $ chilean pesos
    • Cerro: 1000$ chilean pesos
    • Go and return: 1500$ chilean pesos

*Weekend and holidays- 10:00 to 18:45h:

  • Adults:
    • Zoo: 1000 $ chilean pesos
    • Cerro: 1950$ chilean pesos
    • Go and return: 2600$ chilean pesos
  • Children and seniors:
    • Zoo: 650 $ chilean pesos
    • Cerro: 1300$ chilean pesos
    • Go and return: 1950$ chilean pesos

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