Descabezado Volcano? Prepare yourself for a unique experience

Looking for an amazing outdoor adventure? Come and visit the Descabezado Volcano, located near the city of San Clemente, in the center of Chile. You can go directly from Santiago, but it is easier to go from San Clemente, passing through Puente Alto, Rancagua and San Fernando. From San Clemente, it is only an hour-long trip, with amazing views and have unforgettable experiences along the way.


There are plenty of things you can do there, including trekking up to the volcano with expert guides! You experience the incredible nature while walking towards the volcano crater. Do not look too close, or you might get burned! But not to worry, experts will guide you through the paths. There are also hot springs nearby, where you can relax and listen to stories about the history of the Volcano and how it became known as “Descabezado”.

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This trip gives you the the opportunity to learn about Chilean culture and nature. You have the option to hike to the “Reserva Natural Altos de Lircay”, established in 1996. You will have the chance to see unique species from South America. The Pudú is a small animal – about 44 centimeters tall. Pudús are the world’s smallest deer and you can find them right here in Chile! You can see what the Pudú looks like in the video below – an absurdly cute Chilean version of Bambi.

Furthermore, the amazing waterfalls and lagoons in the vicinity of the volcano will make you forget about the noisy city. Do not miss this unique opportunity to enjoy incredible landscapes and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Santiago.


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