Púcon: A Small City at the Foot of the Mountain

Chile is full of beautiful scenery, from the driest desert in the world to the most beautiful forests of the south, in Patagonia. Púcon is among these incredible places in Chile.


Púcon is about 780 km south of Santiago. It’s easy to access by car, bus or plane. This place, I must say, is the ideal starting point for your adventures. It’s located near the Villarrica lake and just at the base of the Villarrica Volcano. This amazing location offers visitors wonderful and diverse landscapes, where you have the opportunity to partake in a range of fun activities.

The Villarrica Volcano is quite famous in Chile as it is still very active! Just recently in March 3, 2015, authorities declared a red alert in the region and ordered an evacuation of over 3,000 people. Discharges of lava and ashes were observed and reached as high as 1 kilometre from where they erupted!

If you’re interested in scaling the Villarrica Volcano, check out this incredible activity here!

This picture was taken from bbc.com, read more about the eruption here.

You can appreciate the different landscapes by trekking or biking. I highly recommend booking a tour with a local expert to avoid missing out on hidden locations, such as the waterfalls or the clear pools and natural hot spring in the national park of Huequehue.

Rafting or kayaking on the Trancura River are also great options available here. These are great and memorable ways to discover the region! There is also a great skiing station in Pucón that you can visit during the winter.


There is no perfect season to travel to Pucón, as the landscape alters with every season and remains unique and worth seeing at every time of year. Each season holds within it the possibility of wonderful rediscovery and contemplation of an unforgettable nature.


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