Skiing in Pucón

Pucón is a southern town located in Chile’s lake district. It lies on the banks of Lake Villarrica and at the foot of the great Villarrica volcano. The diversity of its surroundings make Pucón a great destination for adventure sports, especially skiing and snowboarding.


Pucón may be one of the smaller resorts in the country, but how often do you get to say you’ve skied down a volcano? Villarrica is actually one of Chile’s most active volcanoes and one of the few permanently active ones in the world, although most of its activity is largely un-explosive. It stands at over 9000 ft above sea level and is capped with snow all year round, including 40 km2 of stunning glaciers. The north side of the mountain is where you’ll find The Pucón Ski Centre, in an excellent location just 20 minutes from the centre of town. In general a ski holiday here is a really unique, rustic experience away from a lot of the more commercial resorts, where you’ll be able to experience true chilean culture during your stay. The slopes themselves make for some awesome skiing, as previous lava flows have created a unique terrain with natural half pipes and overhangs.

Once you’ve enjoyed hitting the slopes in Pucon, check out these excellent activities for a bit of variety here!


You can even go on a ski tour to the summit of the volcano where you’ll get to peer into the lava lake bubbling in its craters before an epic ride all the way back down the mountain. One of the great things about skiing in Pucón however is the range of other activities you can try your hand at if you fancy a day off the slopes. For a start its location in the Villarrica National Park means you’re never short of some magnificent nature to explore, including secret volcanic caves, forests and hot springs. You can find some great tours at TheBesty.


Pucón also has its perks in terms of the exciting nightlife and is a hotspot for people looking to party apres-ski. With a bunch of bustling bars, clubs and a casino to choose from, there’s a great vibe for young people wanting to let off some steam after a day on the mountain.


As already mentioned, the Pucón resort is on the smaller side so if you’re an expert rider looking for some insane off-piste skiing or boarding, somewhere like the Valle Nevada is probably more suitable for you. Nevertheless,  for any intermediate or even beginner it’s absolutely spot on. It provides the perfect blend of great terrain for skiing and fun things to do off the slope, with some of the most breathtaking surroundings you could experience on a skiing holiday thrown into the mix. Plus, it’s a great excuse to travel down South!


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