Everything you need to know about the Metro system of Santiago de Chile

To begin, you should know that the metro of Santiago provides access to most parts of the city including the most important and touristic areas. It’s an excellent option to travel around Santiago since it’s very easy and most importantly, it’s cheap. Wait times are low and the frequency is good.


Metro line 1 (red line) is the principal line of Santiago’s metro and is the most used as it connects to all the other lines. If you want to go to the centre of Santiago you can stop anywhere between Estación Central and Universidad de Chile.

However, even though the experience at the metro can be great, it can also take a turn for the unpleasant. Peak hours (around 09:00 am and around 06:00 pm) when everyone is scrambling to get to work and back can be extremely overwhelming, and definitely worth avoiding. Every station -especially Baquedano station- overflow with people at those hours. There’s no free space in the platforms or inside the metro. So be prepared for the nudging and pushing some people use to get inside the metro and be aware of pick-pocketing because when the metro is packed full of individuals during peak hours, thieves use this as an advantage to steal. I would recommend therefore to always carry a cross-body zippered up purse and never carry your wallet or phone in your back pocket. To avoid any bad experiences you should never take your valuables (passport, credit cards and large amount of cash) with you when you’re sightseeing. Most importantly, always be alert of your surroundings and those near you.

If you’re on the metro confused about where to go next, why not check out this great selection of activities in Santiago de Chile here.


If you’re thinking of spending much time in Santiago, getting a bip! Card is the best option without a doubt . You can purchase the card at any Metro station or any of the Centros bip! around town. Centros bip! are opened 08:00-21:00 (Mon-Fri) and 09:00-21:00 (Sundays and holidays). You can recharge the card at any metro station or corner store where you see the bip! logo only if you’re charging more than $1,000 CLP.

You can buy Metro rides as you go but this is more expensive and if you want to use the micros (local name for the buses), you will need this card. The card itself costs $ 1,500 CLP ($ 2.30 USD). With this card each Metro or micro will cost you $ 720 CLP at peak hours ($ 1.10 USD). Have in mind that you can use the micro (bus) within the first 90 minutes after having used the Metro or vice versa for no extra cost.


Just in case you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Santiago, below is a list of the hotels/hostels/apartment hotels with their nearest Metro stations. You can book these hotels using TheBesty to receive the guaranteed lowest price!

Altura Suites Huérfanos 547, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Bellas Artes
BMB Suites Huérfanos 1400, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Santa Ana
By The Andes José Victorino Lastarria 70, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Universidad Católica
Apart Hotel Latitud Sur Padre Alonso de Ovalle 840, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Padre Alonso de Ovalle 840, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Luna Suites Padre Alonso de Ovalle 840, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Padre Alonso de Ovalle 840, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
MyLux Apartments Arturo Prat 324, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Universidad de Chile
Neblon Suites Tarapacá 1331, Santiago, Región Metropolitana La Moneda
Norus Apartments El Director 6000, Las Condes, Santiago Manquehue
ROi Santiago Av Presidente Kennedy 5933, Las Condes, Santiago Manquehue
Santiago Departamentos Merced 691, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Bellas Artes
San Cristobal Suites Huérfanos 547, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Bellas Artes
Travel Place Andino Av Nueva Providencia 1372, Providencia, Santiago Manuel Montt
Travel Place Lyon Av Nueva Providencia 2170, Providencia, Santiago Pedro De Valdivia
VR Suite Huérfanos 1400, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Santa Ana
Atacama Hostel Román Díaz 130, Providencia, Santiago Manuel Montt
Atacama Low Cost Román Díaz 41, Providencia, Región Metropolitana Manuel Montt
Chile Hostales Santiago Román Díaz 140, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Manuel Montt
Conchita Flores Manuel Montt 256, Providencia, Santiago Manuel Montt
Providencia B&B Alberto Magno 1398, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Manuel Montt
Tralkan B&B Alberto Magno 1339, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Manuel Montt
Travesia Bed and Breakfast José Arrieta 83, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Parque Bustamante
Best Western Hotel Los Españoles Los Españoles 2539, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Tobalaba
Eco-Hotel Carménère María Luisa Santander 292, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Baquedano
Casona Loreto Loreto 229, Bella Vista, Recoleta, Santiago Patronato
Don Santiago Bella Vista Fernando Monterola 0550, Providencia, Santiago Salvador
Don Santiago Providencia Europa 1919, Providencia, Santiago Pedro de Valdivia
SuMerced Coronel Santiago Bueras 121, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Baquedano
Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel Sta Beatriz 256, Santiago, Región Metropolitana Manuel Montt

You can check in Santiago’s metro website for the metro service hours and you can charge you BIP card online using a credit card. There are maps available in every metro station but if you’re still not very confident remember that TheBesty app offers useful maps of the best known barrios (neighbourhoods) and of the metro.

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