Don’t be bored on the sand; go Sand Boarding


If you’re gutted about missing the skiing season, do not fear; sand boarding in Huacachina is the answer. In fact, with so much sand in Southern Peru, you’d be foolish not to try it, whether craving the rush from speeding down a slope at 60mph (rumoured to be the fastest downhill speed possible on a sand board), or simply looking for a unique day out with friends and family. On top of the thrill of sand boarding, you can marvel at the views from atop the world’s tallest sand dune – known locally as the ‘Everest of the Desert’ – as well as dipping your toes in the oasis, said to be inhabited by a Peruvian mermaid (we’re not promising anything).

So, what are your options? Well really, it depends on how much you’re willing to invest in the experience. Just hiring the boards and taking them out on the dunes is very cheap and, clearly, the most simple way of taking on the slopes. However, for a more fulfilling (and less exhausting) experience, it is recommended that you include the buggy in your activity, where you’ll race through the dunes to the best slopes and get picked up at the bottom to then be taken somewhere different. 

If you’re really interested in sandboarding, check out this great sandboarding experience here!


Once on the sand you’ll start off basic, lying on your front with your arms on the board and your legs stretched behind you, much like being on a surfboard. As you get more confident you can move onto your feet, with most of the styles taken from snowboarding, such as slalom, boarder cross, slopestyle and big air (basically taking huge leaps from a ramp – good luck with this one). Inside two hours you should be up on your feet, but don’t worry if not; sliding on your stomach is just as fun and you’ll still feel the rush of the wind in your face and the beautiful scenery passing by you on either side before you skid to a halt just before the mystical oasis. And all this without getting snow down your back. Are you still missing the ski season…


So, if you’re done with walking tours and sightseeing, stick sand boarding on your list to-do and enjoy a thrilling experience racing down the dunes, whizzing around in a sand buggy and taking in the mesmerising views from across the tallest slopes in the world, in what is promised to be as extraordinary and unforgettable as seeing a Peruvian mermaid in the middle of the desert.

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