Rio’s Unsung Nightlife Spots

Wondering if there’s anything else to Rio’s Nightlife besides Lapa and Copacabana? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Baixo Gávea – Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays

This spot is ideal for those who are trying to make those reais last longer! Grab yourself an ice cold can of Brahma or a zesty passionfruit Caipirinha off one of the street kiosks and immerse yourself in Brazilian Student Culture. Despite just being on the doorstep to the touristy Ipanema, this place is filled with locals, with this spot being a favourite of university students. If you want to get your boogie on head down to the nearby 00 nightclub when the crowds start to die down. Don’t be shy and get chatting to the locals, practice your Portuguese and make the most of this truly authentic Cariocan nightlife experience!

If you’re looking for the best spots to go out in Rio, why not check out this great nightlife tour here!

Barra Music – Barra Da Tijuca


An absolute must go for those willing to venture out of Rio’s Zona Sul. Located in the Barra Da Tijuca, with a capacity of 6,000 people, this monster of a nightclub attracts people from all backgrounds, ranging from the affluent neighbourhoods of Barra to the infamous “Cidade de Deus” favela that towers over the car park. Splash out on one the VIP areas right at the top, Grab a “Hedgie Boo” (Red Bull) on the middle floor and then brave the rough and ready bottom floor and immerse yourself in Brazilian Funk music.

Casa Da Matriz/Pub Comuna – Botafogo

Sick of Sertaneja and Samba? Then head down to this spot and find yourself surrounded by a more alternative crowd and bop your head to tunes from classic indie bands such as the Arctic Monkeys and the Smiths. If you’re looking for something less melancholy, head out the club and go down to Rua Sorocaba and find yourself surrounded by Botafogo’s friendly students outside Pub Comuna for a more casual vibe.


Bar Buwkoski – Botafogo

The hordes of people queuing outside this iconic bar on Rua Alvaro Ramos may have you thinking twice about spending your night here, but keep your cool, grab a can of Antarctica, and brave the line, it’s long for a reason. This infamous nightclub offers a refreshing change from Latino Beats with Rock Legends such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin being mixed on turntables whilst still maintaining a classy vibe.


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