Suitcase Essentials: Packing tips for your trip to Argentina!

As you prepare to set off on the adventure of a lifetime to discover Argentina, you might be wondering what you should pack. Argentina is an incredibly extensive country with a range of landscapes, making it sometimes complicated to prioritize how to utilize that precious suitcase or backpack space you have available.


Firstly, remember that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere! For many of us traveling from the North, it can be difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that we are packing for the opposite season to what we are experiencing. Then again, if you’re heading to Patagonia, be sure to pack warm clothes and a warm hat regardless of the season!


– Layers, layers, layers. They will be a CRUCIAL key to successful body-temperature regulation. It can be sweltering hot with the sun pounding on you in the middle of the day, only to drop by an alarming number of degrees at night, so make sure you are prepared for the fluctuations. Multiple thinner layers are way better than a few thick ones.

Now that you know to wrap up, why not plan your tour of Patagonia, check out a great selection of tours and activities here.


  • 2-3 pairs of jeans/ trousers
  • A few comfortable tops for the day
  • 3-4 nicer tops for the evenings (particularly in Buenos Aires)
  • For Patagonia, double up and wear 2 layers of socks, a pair of leggings under your trousers, and a warm scarf and hat to accompany your layers that will keep you toasty.

– Good walking shoes, accompanied by a pair of nicer shoes. Buenos Aires is a city of wonders, and you can walk until you drop. But do so in comfortable shoes, and avoid letting your feet limit you in what you get the chance to see! However, B.A. is also a city where fashion is greatly appreciated, so you do not want to feel unprepared and under-dressed when you stumble upon a tango Milonga or go to a good steakhouse!


– Sunglasses and a light raincoat, so that you are prepared for both the beautiful sunny days and the possible torrential downpours.

– Fear not, you can also buy anything you discover you are missing in Buenos Aires at quite affordable prices!

Other essentials:

  • Sunscreen can get very expensive in Argentina, so bring some along
  • Undercover security with zippers can be great to protect against pickpockets
  • Sleeping mask and ear plugs can be life-savers if you will be traveling via overnight buses to explore Argentina’s various parts
  • A willingness to try your hand at tango at one of the thousand milongas throughout Buenos Aires!
  • Brush up on the social rules of Mate drinking – Mate is a social ritual you will certainly come across while exploring Argentina, and you don’t want to be caught out in a social faux-pas. If you want to know more, this sums up all the essentials you should be aware of so that you don’t come across as a clueless foreigner!
  • Visa or Mastercard: you shouldn’t expect to be able to use your credit card everywhere – instead, withdraw cash (and check with your bank ahead of time to see whether any banks in Argentina offer withdrawals without fees).
  • Come with a healthy appetite for delicious Argentine steak: if you’re a vegetarian, fear not! Buenos Aires is known for its extra-cheesy (and I mean, a LOT of cheese) pizzas, thanks to the waves of Italian immigrants that made Argentina their home in decades past!


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