Visit Tulum – Home to Mayan archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and some of the most impressive cenotes in the world.

The Mayan city of Tulum is located in the Eastern peninsula of Yucatán in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, and is a hotspot for tourists given the incredible level of preservation of its old city walls. The ruins are made up of a number of templos (temples) and castillos (castles) which stand against a breathtaking backdrop of the Caribbean coast as a classic demonstration of Mayan architecture. Interested tourists may consider spending the morning exploring the city – either on a guided tour or independently – followed by an afternoon relaxing on the beach and swimming in the coast’s crystal clear waters.


If that still doesn’t satisfy your thirst for Mayan constructions, take a trip about 30 miles into the jungle to visit the Cobá ruins. Here you can cycle (bike rental available) or simply wander through paths lined with dense forestation to explore even more examples of Mayan innovation. The main attraction at this site is the 120-step pyramid which is still open to those who want to climb it for spectacular views over the surrounding jungle.

If you’re really interested in exploring the ruins of an ancient civilisation, check out this excellent tour here.


Moving back to the coast, lying deep underground approximately 20km north of Tulum, you can find one of Mexico’s most precious natural treasures. The Cenotes Sac Actún are a twisting limestone labyrinth of underwater caves, home to the longest underwater river in the world, and spanning a total length of 153km.


Originally the system was divided into two cave passages called San Actún and Nohoch Nah Chich, which at the time were the region’s second and third largest underground rivers. However in 2007, after a link between the two caverns was discovered by British diver Stephen Bogaerts, they were connected and given the single name San Actún. Tourists can take the plunge into the ethereal caves for a guided diving or snorkeling tour through the naturally-formed limestone maze.



Tulum also caters to those looking for a simple holiday at the beach, with a number of coastal hotels and stunning stretches of pearly white sand on offer, as well as some great restaurants where you can take full advantage of freshly caught seafood.


This pocket of Mexican paradise represents a great opportunity for anyone looking to explore the richness of local culture and amazing landscapes.

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