A Perfect Destination for a Great Vacation: La Serena

La Serena was founded in northern Chile in 1544 in the Coquimbo Region, and is the second oldest city in the country after the capital, Santiago.


A little bit of history

Pedro de Valdivia was first ordered to found La Serena during the Spanish occupation. This strategic location was needed in order to keep constant contact between Lima (Peru) and Santiago. During this time, La Serena provided the conquistador with a place to rest and eat mid-journey.

However, the actual founder of La Serena was Juan Bohón between 1543-1544. During the 17th century, La Serena was under constant attack by pirates. Furthermore, the city was nearly completely destroyed by an earthquake on July 8th, 1730.

It was in 1859, during the revolution, that things really started to change. With the rebellion against the government and Pedro Leon Gallo, one of the founders of the Radical Party was able to take control of the city.

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Why visit La Serena?

La Serena is truly a must-see destination when visiting Chile. This beautiful city boasts a fascinating past, and is full of historical sights and ancient traditions which continue to be important aspects of life today. Walking around the city, you’ll discover several wonderful churches with a variety of architectural styles, traditional, colorful houses around every corner, and a beautiful lighthouse to explore.


La Serena features 12 sprawling beaches along its coastal “Avenida Del Mar”. This is the perfect place to swim during the warm summers and practice a wide array of exciting water sports. Additionally, if you like astronomy, you will be happy to hear that La Serena is well known for its spectacular astronomical research centers! 

Aside from its beautiful natural spaces, La Serena is also home to a fascinating museum which will give you instant cultural insight, as well as many relaxing spas tucked into the town’s tranquil atmosphere.

Finally, La Serena is located near a variety of other interesting areas including Valle Del Elqui, a stunning valley perfect to visit any season, and Coquimbo, an enchanting city with incomparable charm just a short bus ride from La Serena.

Valle del Elqui

In summary,

La Serena is a city full of history, making it a very interesting place to explore. It’s a great spot to visit any season, alone, with a significant other, or with family or friends. It offers several types of activities including aquatic sports, relaxing spas, and captivating museums. It’s also close to Valle Del Elqui and Coquimbo. If you are visiting Chile, be sure not to miss out on this beautiful location!

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