Trekking in La Parva – Adventure Just Outside Santiago

Have you ever gone trekking? If so, you’re sure to agree that trekking enables you to experience a new way of life, surrounded yourself with nature, and meet new people. Even when it doesn’t go exactly as planned, or you get lost, it always makes for a memorable or exciting story to look back on.


If you’ve never trekked before, a great place to start is La Parva in Santiago, as it has gentle slopes, flat terrain, and doesn’t require any technical skills.

In order to get there, you must take route G-21, finding your way to the Los Bronces Mine and ski resorts. Then, take the fork in the road that leads to the mine. After that, you will need to take a right and continue along a narrow paved road that leads up to the hill. This section can be a bit dangerous, especially during winter time, so be sure to use caution and watch your step to prevent slipping. Even so, it is recommended that you trek with a guide during the snowy season. After ascending the hill, you’ll continue following the car route until you get to the end of Las Águilas; the easiest point to begin your trek.


After reaching the end of Las Águilas, you will be able to get to Falsa Parva by taking the north east route leading to the Franciscan Portezuelo. Here, you will have two options; one is to go to Falsa Parva, and the other is to go to Cerro Pintor. As our goal here is to get to Falsa Parva, you will need to head north where you’ll see a lot of big rocks leading to the left path. Remember to take the left path because the right one leads to the Piuquenes or Franciscano Lagoon. If you have extra time, you can take this route to check out Piuquenes Lagoon before turning back and continuing on to La Falsa Parva. As you make your way up the hills, be cautious of the strong winds that often occur along the path. I recommend wearing a wind breaker to stay warm.

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Finally, you will come across a semi-circle route that ends at Cerro La Parva! There you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery full of towering mountains such as the Pintor, Leonera, and El Plomo.

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