A Guide to Barrio Bellavista – Where to Stay, Have a Drink, and More

Barrio Bellavista


Bellavista is famous for its nightlife. It’s a dynamic neighborhood where you can find a bunch of restaurants and bars, most of them grouped together in a space called Patio Bellavista. During the day it’s a really nice spot to have a coffee and relax, but when the sun goes down, the Patio comes to life. There is often live music on the weekends and you’re sure to always find a vibrant atmosphere.

It is interesting also to check out the neighborhood’s street art during the day. Bellavista stuns with its colorful streets and fanciful architecture. Its lively and creative street art is some of the best in the country.


If nature is more your thing, there are also various activities at San Cristobal Hill, whose entrance is located in Bellavista. You can visit the incredible green space in the middle of the bustling city, its zoo, and the famous home of  Pablo Neruda, La Chascona. Even if you’ve never heard of Pablo Neruda, La Chascona is worth a visit, as it represents the bohemian feel for which Bellavista is renowned.

If you’re looking for a great tour in Bellavista, check out this excellent nightlife tour here for the best night out in Santiago.


Where to StayCastillo Rojo

> 2 restaurants
> 1 bar lounge
> terrace
> garden

The hotel’s decoration is original to say the least, with castle-like features such as wooden floors accompanied by dark wood furnishings and large windows which brighten up the entire space.

Others Hotels in Bellavista:

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