Santiago’s Best Empanada Spot (for Pies) // Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop


Picture the scene. You’re in Santiago. You’re feeling peckish and can’t bear the thought of yet another empanada. What do you do? That’s where Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop comes in. Tucked away in the city’s bustling Providencia district, it would be easy to miss this little gem.

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Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop is a breathe of fresh air, in chief, thanks to the even fresher pastries it offers. Dubbed ‘Australian Empanadas’, their fine array of pies are filled with everything from curried meat to three cheeses and nearly everything else you could expect to find inside a piping hot pastry. Their classic dish is pie, chips and salad, while you can also takeaway if you’re on the move.


The cafe, run by an energetic couple, with one half from Australia and the other Chilean, is full of life, while the food they offer really reflects the passion of it owners. They had spent over 25 years ‘Down Under’ when they decided to migrate to Chile and set up a pie shop. The rest is history. Now serving the best pies in the country, if not the whole of South America, Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop really is Santiago’s hidden gem and a must for anyone looking for a great alternative to Chile’s local cuisine.

Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop // Open: 10am – 8.30, Monday – Saturday
Los Piñones 29, Providencia, Región Metropolitana

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One thought on “Santiago’s Best Empanada Spot (for Pies) // Jimbo’s Australian Pie Shop

  1. Yvonne L February 9, 2017 / 8:46 pm

    As an Aussie living in Santiago I have ventured to Jimbos several times. The pies are great and so are the sausage rolls and lamingtons!!!


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