Best Restaurant Recommendations in Peru featuring the ‘Well Travelled Foodies in Peru’ Group…


Well Travelled Foodies in Peru is a large and well-respected community of Foodies and  and fans across Lima and all of Peru that love food, delight in food, and want to share stories, tips, and recommendations with others! Their Facebook group boasts an impressive membership of over 400+ people and is the go to place for sharing stories, recipes, tips and recommendations about food in Lima and all across Peru!

Membership to the online group may be free but its content is invaluable and provides a voice to all those who are passionate about Peru’s Food Culture. The community combines years of experience, making their food recommendations some of the most reliable out there.

So, with this in mind, we decided to ask the group to vote on their favorite spots, from Peru’s Best Restaurants to its Best Pisco Sour, so that we can feature their their recommendations in TheBesty app, under their very own profile in the Expert Recommendations section!

If you’re looking for a great gastronomical experience in Peru, why not explore the flavours of Lima by bike. Find out more here!

Last week we wanted their recommendation for the place to find the Best Aji de Gallina in Lima, Peru. By the end there was a clear favorite with 68% of the vote. Here’s what they went for:

Best Aji de Gallina as voted by ‘Well Travelled Foodies in Peru’
Huaca Pucllana
8 General Borgono Cuadra, Lima 27, Peru

Keep a look out for the next poll and if you want to see Expert Recommendations from Chile’s top local foodies, bloggers, and chefs, make sure to download TheBesty app for free!


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