Chile Airbnb: Best Santiago Neighborhoods to Stay In For Your Trip

Santiago de Chile is going to keep you busy. At the end of a long night out you are going to want to return to an abode of comfort. Vacation and travel mean something different to many, Airbnb has plenty of options for the passerby-whatever your lodging needs, different neighborhoods offer different architecture, environment, and accommodations. Here is a list of some of the best neighborhoods and what you can expect from them.

Barrio Lastarria.


This is a comfortable yet historical area of Santiago. Rooms, apartments, and homes are in the middle to high price range for rental. Well-known, this touristy area is often enjoyed by  visitors from all over the globe. Located in the center of Santiago, you won’t be too far from any destination. Ongoing festivals give you a true taste of Chilean culture.

Bellas Artes.


City slickers may fancy the neighborhoods Bella Artes, Santiago’s “metropolis”. Steps away from the arts, sushi, bars, and dance clubs- everything you could expect from a lively city. With flares of historical architecture spotting the neighborhood you’ll never run out of things to do among this modern mix of art and city.

Barrio Bellavista.


Do you come alive at night? So does this neighborhood. Referred to as the “renaissance” town, this smaller area is the official comeback kid! Now offering craft beer pubs and an abundant amount of restaurants, Bellavista is said to be full of life all hours of the night. Even if you do not sleep here it’s a must visit- at least to eat, drink, and be merry!

If you’re looking for the best night out in Bellavista, check out this incredible nightlife adventure here and dance the night away!



For my fellow tree hugger or those who enjoy the greener of sceneries, the neighborhoods of Providencia are a likely fit for your lodging. In Providencia there is always a park or trail nearby. You can even reach downtown by following a path along Mapocho River. Travellers with pets tend to favor this neighborhood.



Perhaps you spend your days in the populated areas of Santiago and would like to resign in the arms of a quiet, low-key residential area, Ñuñoa is the neighborhood for you. The “place of yellow flowers” is not only among the quietest of areas in Santiago but also the oldest municipality in the traditional east Santiago.

From the big city metropolis and booming nightlife, to enchanting gardens and tranquility, these are among the best Airbnb options that can land you right in the neighborhood that suits your travelling needs.

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