Chile Airbnb: Staying in the Providencia Neighborhood of Santiago Chile


Shack-up amongst Santiago’s urban elites in Providencia. Airbnb allows you to live like the top 1% without breaking the bank. The following listings allow you to sleep in style and enjoy all that Barrio Providencia has to offer. Enjoy your stay in one of Santiago’s best neighborhoods.

This prime location is perfect for a business trip or sweet getaway. This 1 bedroom apartment offered by an Airbnb host lets you enjoy luxury and convenience. Not too far from your lavish stay, enjoy a glass of Carmenere at Ruca Bar after a long meeting or to wind down after a day of museum hopping.

If luxury is not your forte’ and you feel more at home in an earthy, warm setting give this Bohemian quarter a try. Accommodating two, this apartment is perfect for you and your partner in adventure to get away and vacy in repose. Near your bungalow you’ll be able to tour the vineyards of Concha y Toro sampling Malbec. Before returning to your Airbnb bohemian oasis, enjoy a mocha and pastry at Juan Valdez– a local cafe.

You came alone to Providencia, you’ve made a habit of going to the Metropolitan Zoo and grabbing yourself a pork sandwich with the locals at Lomit’s ,and you really just need a place to lay your head after a day in Santiago. The best option for this traveller is renting a single room from an Airbnb host. You often get the added benefits of wifi and kitchen use but you forgo the seclusion or total privacy. You’ll be outside all day anyway-it’s worth it!

Once you’ve got your accommodation done and dusted, it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself in this incredible city. Check out this excellent varied selection of activities here to give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to in Santiago!

Bring the whole family or come alone-your Airbnb options in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago will find your second home. Now that you know where you’re staying, get TheBesty App for free in the App Store or on Google Play, and have a personal concierge in your pocket for your trip that will answer your questions in a live chat, or help you book tours, activities, and local experiences.


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