Chile Airbnb: Staying in the Vitacura Neighborhood of Santiago Chile


Staying in the Vitacura neighborhood of Santiago, Chile is sure to be a luxurious time well $pent. There is a lot of money in Vitacura as its the shopping center of Santiago. Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Brooks Brothers are all household names. Your Airbnb stay  will allow you live a life of luxury even if only temporarily- not to mention a pretty decent exchange rate from USD to Chilean Peso.

This apartment is a great example of getting more than what you’ve paid. This two bedroom with four guest capability will make it difficult to return the keys to your Airbnb host. While its important to be cautious and aware while traveling most anywhere, this neighborhood boasts about its safety-and rightfully so. When you bring the family, this home rental is affordable, kid friendly, and close to parks and shopping centers.


Beyond shopping and parks, as mentioned, there is still a large appeal to this upper class neighborhood. Bicentenairio Park  and Santiago Metropolitan Park are among the most popular. This studio styled condo gives you a great view of both parks and is walking distance to either. It’s a single bed but with enough space for two. $26 usd/day is not too shabby a deal considering there’s a pool! If you don’t want to skimp on style but don’t mind a tight squeeze this shared room is a quarter the price of the condo and similar distance to the neighborhood parks.

Once you’ve got your accommodation done and dusted, it’s time to think about what you’re going to get up to in this incredible city, check out this excellent selection of activities to give yourself an idea here.

If you like to live lavishly or vacay in style, the Vitacura neighborhood in Santiago would suit you well. Airbnb will set you up comfortably in a mini palace or chic twin bed, and no matter where you sleep you’ll have plenty to enjoy in this high-class hood. Think you need an area with funkier vibes, check out what we think are the best Santiago neighborhoods for your stay. For everything else, get TheBesty App for free in the App Store or on Google Play, and have a personal concierge in your pocket for your trip that will answer your questions in a live chat, or help you book tours, activities, and local experiences.


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