Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Brazil


These Latin American countries share more than a love for FIFA. Both home to well renown writers, optimistic personalities, and large, varying landscapes. There are more than a few reasons these not so near neighbors need to meet. Before you can trade the rice and beans for corn and potatoes or cachaca for cabernet- here are few things to get you ready for your Chilean excursion.

Where to start

Citizens of Brazil can travel to Chile with a national identity card. Traveling by land is the most popular and exciting. This trip can take anywhere from 2-4 days depending on your starting point and destination. The distance between the two is about 3,100 km ( 1900 miles) give or take. This is a manageable drive by car or motorcycle. There should be no problem passing through Argentina with your Brazilian national identity card. Just be cautious what snacks you have brought with you for your travels. Chile is very strict on what goods are allowed. HERE is a precise and clear list of what is and isn’t allowed. Read it and be sure to DECLARE anything you may have. Immigration is not shy with their fines. For ideas on what to pack, consider this list of 25 items to prepare you for a stay in Chile. Should you decide to fly, the journey is about 4 hours and an average flight ticket is about $945 Real ($300 usd).



If you do decide to take this trip by car or bike, HERE are places you can rest along the way. Airbnb spans globally to almost any destination you can imagine. Brazil, Argentina, and Chile-they’ve got you covered throughout your journey and stay. Simply type in your current location and adjust your desired accommodations and price range and voila- tu casa. Once you’ve reached Chile’s capital, consider these top neighborhoods to stay in along with ideas of what Airbnb can provide you.

Once accommodation is done and dusted, it’s time to focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself in this incredible country. To give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to in Chile, check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!

Enjoy Chile!

Keep in mind Chile is a Spanish speaking country and you will be hard pressed to find Portuguese being spoken. Keep some English and Spanish in your back pocket to be able to mingle with the locals. Some even say Chileans have their own Spanish, so listen up and you may catch on. Coming from Brazil you may be used to the warmth and varying weather conditions of a large country, regardless of what you know, pack sunscreen. Don’t let a preventable sunburn wreak havoc on your trip. Also, keep in mind 1 Brazilian Real is equal to 211 Chilean Pesos and credit cards are widely accepted. To further enjoy your Latin American adventures, get TheBesty App for free in the App Store or on Google Play, and have a personal concierge in your pocket for your trip that will answer your questions in a live chat, or help you book tours, activities, and local experiences.


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