Chile Airbnb: Off the Beaten Path – Unique Accommodations in Reñaca Chile


Chile has a seemingly never ending coastline. One beautiful benefit to this is the beach town of Reñaca. As you make your way through Chile, you will land in Reñaca to enjoy the finer side of your vacation. Airbnb provides many places to shack up, so here are a few unique accommodations offered in Reñaca, Chile. What is Airbnb? Airbnb is a trusted and reliable marketplace connecting people all over the world to provide unique travel experiences. With over 3 million listings you can find a place of airbnbyour liking in more than 65,000 cities in 191 countries. Bohemian villa, castle in the woods, or tiny hipster room for two – Airbnb has you covered. In this post you will discover some of what Reñaca, Chile has to offer – from quirky styles, to special locations, to all around different – these unique accommodations provided by Airbnb will make you even more excited about your stay in Chile.

Slice of Paradise. Picture this – waking to the sunrise peaking over the infinity pool, reflectingskypool off the Pacific coast, landing right onto your balcony. This 1 bedroom apartment in a high-rise building is suitable for two and even a pet if they’ve joined your Chilean vacay. This spot is in high demand so don’t hesitate to use Airbnb’s instant book feature to reserve your stay. If you want people gawking at your Instagram shots while you relax in South America – this place will have them staring.

Once all the stress of booking accommodation is over and done with, it’s time to relax and think about enjoying yourself in this beautiful seaside town. To give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to, check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!

Comfort and Safety. Much of Reñaca includes beach life which entails a lot of other possibly undesired surroundings. If you want to distance yourself a bit from the party and people, this 2 bedroom home is tucked a little further from the coastline. Safely snugged in a quietPicsArt_03-07-04.04.12-300x225 neighborhood puts this Airbnb destination at a very fair price of $23/night. Enjoy your day at the beach, failing miserably at your surfing lesson, then come relax in your comfortable and quiet home. Similarly, this home for two is only a trolley ride away from the beach party. Including all desired amenities like internet and a washing machine, you’ll be glad you skipped the dodgy hotel Wi-Fi and booked with Airbnb.

More to discover with TheBesty App! Bay side or bungalow, and everything in between Airbnb offers plenty of listings in your desired destinationNow that you have a bit of an idea of the unique accommodations Reñaca, Chile has to offer, get TheBesty App for free in the App Store or on Google Play, and have a personal concierge in your pocket for your trip that will answer your questions in a live chat, or help you book tours, activities, and local experiences.


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