Airbnb for Every Type of Traveler Visiting Santiago

santiago 1.jpg

                        Art and history, shopping and entertainment, or football and food-

                                 whatever brought you to Chile’s capital, here is an Airbnb

                                               for every type of traveler visiting Santiago.

   The historian has reached Santiago to museum hop everyday, tour every cathedral, and post as many statue shots on Instagram as possible. You are an artist at heart and appreciate how National-Museum-Of-Natural-History-68755things have come to be. In this one bedroom apartment you’ll be near the Plaza de Armas, the historic and geographic center of Santiago. If you have more guests, this two bedroom apartment is suitable for up to four, and is also a short walk away from the Chilean National Museum of Natural History. These Airbnb stays both have 5/5 star ratings with reviews stating they had exceptional hosts and are prime locations for the historian traveler.

Sporty Spice. Your love and appreciation for sports and food have landed you in the Portada-Estadio-Nacionalneighborhood of Ñuñoa in Santiago. This one bedroom apartment will have you and your sports-freak best friend very close to Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, the stadium where several Fifa world cups were held. Beer and football are only an Airbnb away!

Once all the stress of booking accommodation is over and done with, it’s time to relax and think about enjoying yourself in this incredible city. To give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to in Santiago, check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!

For the shopping traveler who has to buy a souvenir for every aunty and uncle, Las Condes, El Golf, and Vitacura of Santiago are your areas. Lined with seemingly endless stripmalls, thereview_balcony_apart_73.jpg is a shop or two for all your spending desires. This two bedroom condo gives you a stunning night vista. Sitting on the 14th floor, this Airbnb pad keeps you at eye level with the surrounding high-rise buildings.

More to discover with TheBesty App! Bay side or bungalow, and everything in between, Airbnb offers plenty of listings in your desired destinationNow that you have a bit of an idea of various types of Airbnb’s for every type of traveler visiting Santiago, get TheBesty App for free in the App Store or on Google Play, and have a personal concierge in your pocket for your trip that will answer your questions in a live chat, or help you book tours, activities, and local experiences.


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