Airbnb for Every Type of Traveler Visiting Southern Chile


If you’re a traveler in search of natural hot springs, lush hiking trails, and jaw dropping scenery, Southern Chile has it all and more. Here are a few Airbnb stays for every type of traveler visiting southern Chile.

The Lone wolf traveler. Airbnb offers the rental of an entire home/house/condo, or single e0475aa81b0b62ff05c6df43a9844221.jpgbedrooms in a house. If you’re a lone traveler looking to save on cash or you intend to be outside most of the time anyway, this single room is a good fit. Located in the town of Chillán, which becomes a winter wonderland offering some of the best ski spots in Southern Chile.

Pursuit of Paradise. Finally taking a vacation from the ol’ 9-5 has one beckoning for some quality R&R. Pucón, Chile offers hot springs, trails, and a beautiful view of the snow-capped cabin-in-the-woods-014.jpgVillarrica volcano. This cabin in the woods is the ideal Airbnb getaway. This location has a 5/5 rating and is in high demand. Be sure to plan those dates now and use Airbnb’s “Instant Book” feature. If you’re kind enough to treat the entire family to a vacation this large estate in Pucón is a great value with enough room for six guests at a rate of $67/night.

Travel in Packs. Travelling with a group of friends can be a life changing experience. Discovering a new culture together is enough to remember why you all stayed pals long after college. This resort styled home is found in Puerto Varas, a beach town in southern Chile. Located close to the beach, surrounded by bars and restaurants, and perfect for the travelers who come in packs, this accommodates up to six. This is the ideal Airbnb lodge if you and your friends are looking for a good time.

Once all the stress of booking accommodation is over and done with, it’s time to relax and think about enjoying yourself in this beautiful part of the world. To give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to in Southern Chile, check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!


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