Top 5 Tips for Booking an Airbnb in Valparaíso Chile


Valparaíso, Chile, port city, city of colors, whatever you may know it by, it is your soon-to-be second home in Chile, so here are the top 5 Tips for booking an Airbnb in Valparaíso Chile.

  1. Landscape. Most of Valparaiso is on a hill. Though there will be a funicular to take you in the general area you need to be, there will be some hike to your abode. Consider location, and ask your Airbnb host about the climb.funicular2.jpgVibes. Valparaíso has been attracting artists and cultural entrepreneurs since the second half of the twentieth century. When it comes to hipster cities, Portland better watch out, because everything about Valparaíso’s vibes show this town is the real OG. The map locator shows you exactly where your Airbnb is located according to the exact address. This gives you a chance to see what’s nearby and what’s not. Research the neighborhood to make sure you’re near your desired jazz lounge and not the biker bar.
  2.  Opinions matter.Reviews and ratings, every Airbnb host has ’em. They are the best tool to use on the website. They tell you the past experiences of previous guests and how they would rate the overall home, location, safety, and several other noteworthy variables. Also be sure to do your part and review and rate your Airbnb host after your stay. This is a trusted community that you are now a part of.AAEAAQAAAAAAAATRAAAAJDk3OGI1NWRmLWRlYjktNDU0Ni1iMTM4LTQyOWM4ZWY1YmViNA
  3. Go bayside. There’s a coastline and you’re on vacation….you know what to do.
  4. Know what you’re getting. Communicate with a few potential hosts. This is a good chance to discover who is going to be available to you when it comes time to be a guest. It can also help build a trusting relationships for repeat bookings in the future. Be reasonable and know exactly what you’re getting when communicating with your Airbnb host. Do not expect a continental breakfast, and if they list a tub, do not settle for just a standing shower. These top 5 tips for booking an Airbnb in Valparaiso, Chile will ensure your stay is exactly as you planned it.

Once all the stress of booking accommodation is over and done with, it’s time to relax and focus on enjoying yourself in this incredible port-city. To give yourself an idea of what you’d like to get up to in Valparaiso, check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!

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One thought on “Top 5 Tips for Booking an Airbnb in Valparaíso Chile

  1. Christina Hinkle November 5, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    I’d like an 3 mo stay in Viña Del Mar next year dec through feb American months


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