Off The Beaten Path in Santiago de Chile

In Santiago, you are never short of things to do and places to see, however sometimes the crowds can begin to feel overwhelming. If you’re looking to get away from the hoards, check out these suggestions to discover some lesser-known hidden treasures.

Templo Bahá’í

An oasis of peace and serenity in the midst of the locomotion of Santiago, Templo Bahá’í, located on the very edge of the city, offers an unrivalled view of Santiago and is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon. Explore the temple, enjoy a picnic and watch the sun set over this sprawling metropolis.

bahai temple

Los Parques Naturales de la Cordillera

Perhaps what strikes visitors to Santiago as its most outstanding feature is the clash between the untouched natural landscape of the Andean mountains to the east, and the urban megalopolis of the city itself. There is no better way to explore the foothills of Los Andes than to visit any one of the six parks, where you will find incredible scenery, challenging treks and some of the best places in the world to just sit back, and enjoy the view.


If you are interested in a great day out in La Cordillera, check out this horse-riding tour here, where you can see condors, Chile’s national bird, in their natural habitat.

Cementerio General

One of the largest cemeteries in South America with over two million people laid to rest here, Cemeterio General is a deeply interesting tranquil place to simply go for a wander. While offering profound insight into Chilean history, as you can visit the graves of icons of Chile’s recent dark past, Violet Parra, and Victor Jara, while you can also take in a beautiful moving tribute to the victims of that era, Cementerio General offers some rather impressive, often delicate architecture throughout its extensive grounds. For those with a taste for the supernatural and nerves of steel, you have the option of a nocturnal tour.


Centro Artesanal Pueblito Los Dominicos 

Hidden behind a rather perfectly sculpted Dominican order church, Pueblito Los Dominicos is the best place to pick up a unique momento of your trip, or a gift for a loved one back home. Quite probably the best place to pick up clothing made of the oh-so famous Chilean llama wool, there is also a small petting zoo for the kids and a quaint cafe serving local delicacies, meaning this lovely market has all the ingredients for an enjoyable family day out!


If those fantastic ideas aren’t enough for you, or being the seasoned traveller that you are, you’ve already discovered them, check out TheBesty to find more of Santiago’s hidden treasures and book unique tours and activities! Furthermore check out this excellent varied selection of activities here!


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