Best Place to get Breakfast in Córdoba according to ‘Expats in Cordoba Argentina’ Facebook Group

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Expats in Cordoba Argentina‘ is a well-respected community of expats based in Córdoba, Argentina. Their Facebook group boasts an impressive membership of over 500 people and is the go to place for sharing stories, recipes, tips and recommendations in relation to almost everything in Córdoba.

Membership to the online group may be free but its content is invaluable and provides a voice to all those who are passionate, or just what to find out, about what the beautiful Argentine city has to offer. The community combines years of experience, making their advice and recommendations, some of the most reliable out there.


So, with this in mind, we decided to ask the group to vote on their favourite spot in Córdoba for breakfast, so that we can feature their their recommendations in TheBesty app, under their very own profile in the Expert Recommendations section!

By the end there was a clear favourite with 66% of the vote. Here’s what they went for:

Achával Rodríguez 244, 5000 Córdoba, Argentina
+54 351 267-9909


Keep a look out for the next poll and if you want to see Expert Recommendations from Chile’s top local foodies, bloggers, and chefs, make sure to download TheBesty app for free!


El mejor Bife de Lomo en Buenos Aires según ‘Argentina Market Gastronomía Argentina Abierta al Mundo’

¡TheBesty tiene una nueva recomendación!  ‘Argentina Market Gastronomía Argentina Abierta al Mundo‘ es una gran y respetada comunidad de entusiastas culinarios, cocineros y aficionados de comida en Argentina. El grupo de Facebook tiene más de 3.000 personas y se ha transformado en un gran lugar para compartir historias, recetas, consejos y recomendaciones de dónde encontrar la mejor comida en el país.

Su contenido es invaluable, ya que entrega voz a las personas con pasión por la gastronomía argentina. La comunidad es una combinación de muchos años de experiencia en restaurantes, cocina y comida, transformando sus recomendaciones en unas de las más confiables a disposición.

Teniendo en cuenta esto, decidimos preguntar al grupo en una votación de dónde encontrar el mejor Bife de Lomo en Buenos Aires, para que pudiéramos poner su recomendación en la aplicación. La recomendación con más votos aparecería en la aplicación móvil TheBesty, en su propio perfil en la sección de Recomendaciones de Expertos.

Después de una semana de votación, la recomendación que más votos recibió, con un 62% de los votos totales, es:

La Brigada
Estados Unidos 465, C1101AAJ CABA, Argentina
+54 11 4361-4685

¡Mantente atento para las próximas encuestas y, si quieres ver más recomendaciones de expertos en Chile, ¡descarga gratis la aplicación TheBesty!

Argentina Top Travel Tips: All the advice and notes you need in preparation for your trip


Getting ready to set off to Argentina? Here is a helpful list of tips and must-knows compiled from the recommendations of expert travelers who’ve made the trip before you, so that you may have just as incredible of a journey, or maybe one even better!


Always have change on youargentine-peso-2013


  • If you want to use the buses, they only accept coins, so you definitely want to hoard those.
  • When you are paying for something, check your bills beforehand to make sure they’re real, in order to avoid the cashier handing you back a counterfeit and claiming that’s what you tried paying with.
  • When you take a taxi, try to pay the exact amount to avoid them giving you the wrong change or saying they have no change to give you.
  • Carry some money in your shoe or your bra and if you can, it’s safest to not walk around with a Debit or Credit card. While many Buenos Aires neighborhoods are safe, you do not want to risk running into trouble and being escorted to an ATM where someone might force you to take out cash.
  • Bring a Visa or Mastercard on your travels for ATM withdrawals, but be aware that you need to break your 100 peso bills in banks, grocery stores, or restaurants – don’t expect to be able to pay with big bills in taxis and at small stores.
  • Fun Fact: Due to the extreme fluctuations of the Argentine Peso, U.S. Dollars are a precious commodity, and in some places you can negotiate a discount if you are paying with this currency. Try to steer clear of dodgy situations though. It’s safer to use local currency because you might be overcharged otherwise.

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Suitcase Essentials: Packing tips for your trip to Argentina!

As you prepare to set off on the adventure of a lifetime to discover Argentina, you might be wondering what you should pack. Argentina is an incredibly extensive country with a range of landscapes, making it sometimes complicated to prioritize how to utilize that precious suitcase or backpack space you have available.


Firstly, remember that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere! For many of us traveling from the North, it can be difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that we are packing for the opposite season to what we are experiencing. Then again, if you’re heading to Patagonia, be sure to pack warm clothes and a warm hat regardless of the season!

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An Introductory Class to Argentine Tango – The Importance of Tension, and Balloons…

Having just gotten home after my first ever class of Argentine tango, I thought I should pen down a few impressions and tips I learnt for you while they are still fresh.


I followed the music past the posters on the wall featuring ads for tango concerts and milongas. Inside a large room with one long mirrored wall were a couple, floating to the music with their eyes closed and their arms tightly wrapped around each other, apparently completely unaware of the ten-or-so people gathered at the entrance watching them. As the song came to an end, we all clapped and the couple came out of their trance to welcome us into the room. They made it all look astonishingly simple.

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What makes Bariloche so attractive?

What makes Bariloche so attractive?

San Carlos de Bariloche, a small city with a very European style to it in the midst of the impressively green National Park Nahuel Huapi and by the shoreline with the same name has become one of Argentina’s top tourist destinations. Combining the incredible views of stunning nature with a town full of character, it attracts thousands of tourists every year who come to enjoy both summer and winter activities in the Lake Districts.


One may think that visiting such a small city with just about 100.000 citizens isn’t worth the trouble. However, not only is Bariloche Argentina’s chocolate capital, but it also attracts Argentinian high school students who come to celebrate the end of their school year as the city has a wide range of fun activities to offer.

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Earth of Fire – Traveling to Tierra del Fuego

There is a reason why Tierra del Fuego is also known as the end of the world. Ushuaia is one of the southernmost cities of the world, located a mere 1000 km away from Antarctica.

It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to go to in Latin America, and it attracts visitors from everywhere despite its incredibly remote location, 3085 km from Buenos Aires.


Ushuaia’s charm is incomparable due to its infinite wide view over the sea, accompanied by an incredible mountain range skyline. Additionally, you can enjoy the richness of the extensive ecosystem and biodiversity of the Tierra del Fuego National Park and discover the species on 63.000 hectares of sub-Antarctic forest. At the bay you might even find several remains of the original Yámanas tribe. A great way to appreciate this beautiful landscape is to take a ride on the steam locomotive known as the End of the World Train.

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A Brief History of Argentine Tango

If you’ve watched any movie with a sultry, passionate, dimly lit dance scene in it, the chances are high that it was an Argentine tango. Argentine tango has inspired dancers and audiences for over a century, and its history is riddled with myth and a range of theories as to its origins that make the dance all the more enticingly mysterious.


Starting in the mid-1800s, mass immigration to Argentina brought African slaves and an increasing number of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and British settlers. Over the following 50 years, the population of Buenos Aires grew exponentially to about 1.5 million before World War I. African rhythms and habanera from Cuba mixed with European waltzes and polkas, all infusing themselves with Argentine folk music and dance.

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From Coffee to Submarinos to Mate, Here Is A List Of The Best Argentinian Drinks That You Must Try!

Argentina is famous for its delicious wine. Beer in the country is also quite popular. But here’s a list of other famous Argentinean drinks that you should definitely try before you leave the country!

1. Fernet:


Fernet is the national liquor of Argentina! It apparently helps with digestion after meals. People often drink Fernet either with Coca-Cola, grapefruit juice, or coffee. It is very popular particularly in Buenos Aires and Cordoba; you will most likely see it at parties, barbecues and dinners!

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The Wine Culture in Argentina and Mendoza

When you think about Argentina, like most people, you will probably think about the country’s classic dish: a perfectly grilled steak. However – and recently, Argentinean wines have been rising in popularity, catching up to the high-praised Chilean wines.


When you think geographically, Argentina’s climate does indeed have the perfect conditions to produce the best wines in the world. Its high mountains and endless plains allow the country to grow the best grapes, from the snowy peaks in Patagonia in the south of the country to the steppes in the north. From the west to the east, the great vegetation and natural richness of the ecosystem also creates a perfect condition for developing highly productive grape growing acres.

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