A guide to Chilean Spanish

To native Spanish speakers and non-native speakers alike, Chilean Spanish can sometimes leave you scratching your head wandering what all this ‘weón/wea’ nonsense is about, but don’t worry! Have a read of this guide to Chilean and the next time a Chilean asks you ‘cachai?’, you can respond with an emphatic ‘si po weón!’.


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Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Mexico


In Mexico, if you mention Chile it is probably you handing a famous ingredient to your abuela as she whips up some pozole. Now, it is the name of your next travel destination. Here are a few things to know, where to stay, and what to expect when travelling from Mexico to Chile.

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5 First Impressions Traveling In Santiago, Chile

A whole new world, here are my five “First Impressions” about Santiago, Chile.

French-born raised in Asia and Europe, I landed a few days ago in Santiago, Chile and gathered some of my first impressions to remember and share before they turn into habits.


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