Vineyard Tours With More Than Just Wine

One of the best things about visiting Chile is that in just a couple of hours you can make it from the heart of the desert to the beach, from snow capped mountaintops to the city, or from the countryside to the depths of former mines. Even better yet, you can do this all with a glass of wine in hand. Check out these fantastic tours which offer more than just wine.

wine valleys

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Discovering Chile’s Best Vineyards

If you love a glass of wine or two, and you’re about to visit Chile, South America’s viticulture centre of excellence, you’re about to visit a country with 400 vineyards dedicated to the production of premium wines! The majority of vineyard are concentrated in 8 valleys which find themselves located from the shadow of Los Andes, to a stones throw from the coast, from the outskirts of metropolis Santiago, to in tiny villages where life seems to go at the pace of an eternal Sunday. With so many options, the choice of which to visit can prove mind-boggling, but if you find yourself in this quandary, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Keep reading and discover four of the best vineyards to visit during your time in this wonderful country.


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Concha y Toro, The Story Of The Famous Chilean Winery

The Chilean wine finds its origins in the 16th century at the time of the Great Spanish Conquista of the New World. According to the legend, because of their desire to keep on consuming their beloved beverage in this new territory, conquistadores such as Francisco de Aguirre and Hernan Cortes brought grapevines with them – from their Mother land.

Over the centuries, Chile observed a great expansion of the quality of its wine to which were added the introduction of French wines varieties in the 19th century and the new production of Chilean wine in the quite famous “Bordeaux style”.

This is how, in 1883, Don Melchor de Santiago Concha y Toro and his wife founded the well-known Concha y Toro Winery. With their clever choice of introducing grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Merlot and Carmenère, and the concho y toro cabernet sauvignon – Viña Concha y Toro succeeded in producing remarkable wines that are part of the prestigious prize list of the 100 best wines of the world.


Don Melchor de Santiago Concha y Toro passed away many years ago now, but he left a rich legacy in his vineyard – that today – opens its gates to the general public from all around the world.  People such as fine wine connoisseurs to families, come to his vineyard to discover the beauty of the estate, learn about the process of their wine production, and listen to the noble story of the winery.

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