A Guide to Chile’s Most Exotic Fruit!

Chile’s bustling capital is exploding with exciting places to see and delicious foods to eat. Food markets, which in Chile are either called ‘mercados’ or ‘ferias’ are definitely not lacking, and definitely worth exploring!

Without a doubt, one of my favorite things to do while traveling is trying the country’s local delicacies. A must-do for any trip is a stroll around a local market to browse the vast array of strange yet wonderful locally grown fruits. Although Chile may not be known worldwide for its food, it does have its fair share of exotic and exciting fruits! Generally speaking, the closer you are to tropical climates, the more variety you will find available at your local markets.  Continue reading

Chile’s Customs, Cultures & Etiquette

Arriving in any country for the first time can come with a little bit of culture shock. It always helps to quickly read up on the customs, cultures and etiquette of the country rather than accidentally finding yourself in a little bit of a pickle. Here is a guide of everything you need to know before you arrive in Chile, to avoid any unnecessary misconceptions or misunderstandings.

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Carolina Bazán: Bringing a Fresh and Seasonal Taste of Chile to the Heart of Santiago

Carolina Bazán grew up with a first-hand taste at diversity as a diplomat’s daughter who grew up in various different countries prior to turning 13. At the young age of 23, she and her mother opened their first restaurant, of which Carolina was put in charge. Thanks to Bazán’s vision, passion, and determination, she made her way to the top, earning her restaurant the 20th spot in the prestigious list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016.


Carolina Bazán explained in interview that she never had that moment when she knew she wanted to be a chef. After all, she said, studying gastronomy was not popular. Instead, when at 18 years old she had just graduated from high school, a friend of hers whose sister was a cook proposed the chef idea to her.

“After my friend suggested cheffing I thought I may as well try it out, and lo and behold it turned out that I really liked it”

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José del Castillo: Discover the Flavours of Homestyle Peruvian Cooking in a Gourmet Experience

Less than two years after its opening in 2015, Peruvian Chef Jose del Castillo’s restaurant Isolina gained a spot in the top 50 restaurants in Latin America. The restaurant, now ranked 41st in the continent, is located in Barranco, Lima and serves delicious traditional and homemade limeña food. We spoke to José who told us more about himself, Isolina, and his inspirations.

base_imageCastillo explained that his love for cooking started with his family restaurant, called La Red, which was created by his mother 35 years ago. He was young at the time, and used to work there with her along with his other brothers. After a while they all went off to follow their own career paths while he stayed there helping to manage the restaurant – he was always more interested in the business side. After the restaurant grew he needed to learn how to cook in order to manage the business in the best way possible, so he started taking classes about 15 years ago, and from there his passion grew.

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Rodolfo Guzmán: The Authentic Flavours of Chile in the Modern Day

Voted the best restaurant in Chile by the Imagen de Chile foundation, and ranked fourth in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016. Boragó and its creator Rodolfo Guzmán have struck a chord among those lucky enough to have experienced the unique masterpieces they offer. Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary after opening the restaurant in 2006, Guzmán has been working on revolutionizing the culinary scene of Santiago, and of Chile more broadly, preparing dishes with exclusively Chilean species of fauna and flora that challenge preconceived notions of what one can and cannot – or should and should not – eat.


Although he is now one of the most renowned chefs in Latin America, Guzmán never knew that he wanted to be a chef when he was younger, rather, it was just something that happened to him. However it was always one of the few things he was great at, in comparison to the more traditional subjects you would learn in school.

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Mitsuharu Tsumura: Bringing the Flavors of Japan to Peru

Peruvian chef Mitsuharu Tsumura’s exceptional talents in the kitchen have not only earned him celebrity status as a judge on Masterchef Peru, but have also gained his restaurant, Maido, the title of the second best restaurant in the whole of Latin America.


The restaurant, based in Lima, serves Tsumara’s take on Nikkei – a hybrid of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Lima and in Peru as a whole. The restaurant celebrates its 7th year in business this year and has grown from just 18 employees when it started to an extensive team of 65 people, all working together to provide the best gourmet experience.

We asked Tsumura about how his career as a chef and consequent success materialized. He explained that while at first he never considered it as a career, he had always loved cooking from a young age, and thinks it’s something he inherited from his grandmother who was also an excellent cook.

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Guillermo González Beristáin: Bringing Tastes from Around The World to Mexico

Guillermo González Beristaín is not only one of Mexico’s best chefs, but he is one of the best in the whole of Latin America. His restaurant “Pangea”, located in Monterrey, was ranked no.19 on the 2016 List of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Such success can only be testament to the chef’s character and determination, something that Beristáin has plenty of.


A foodie from a young age, Beristáin always knew that the kitchen would play a big part in his future. In an interview he told us how he had always liked cooking and experimenting in the kitchen when he was younger – he enjoyed looking for ingredients and seeing what he could come up with. As he grew older his talent for cooking became noticeable and something he couldn’t ignore.

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Top Drinks to Try in Chile and Where to Get Them!

Chile is known for its wine and pisco, but the country also has so many delicious cocktails and beverages that you must try when you are visiting! Here is a list of top Chilean drinks that you have to taste:

1. Piscola:


Piscola is a mix of pisco and Coca-Cola. Sometimes people mix pisco with Sprite as well; but in my opinion, piscola tastes much better.

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Explore the Bohemian Barrio Lastarria


Barrio Lastarria is one of the most touristic sectors in Santiago. Characterized by beautiful historical architecture, the street of Lastarria and the neighborhood that encompasses it, are surrounded by bars, restaurants, cultural centers, boutiques, and a variety of activities.

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