Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Bolivia


Bolivia borders Chile in the North-Eastern region. Beyond a border, these two countries share beautiful landscapes and the natural design that beckons exploration. Coming from a smaller, land-locked country like Bolivia to the world’s longest coastline, it may be hard to know where to begin. This blog covers common routes taken to cross the border, what to expect to get into Chile, and some differences and similarities of these Latin American neighbors. Continue reading

Chile Airbnb: Staying in the Las Condes Neighborhood of Santiago Chile


Las Condes- the Manhattan of Santiago and home to Chile’s “economic elite” is an exceptional neighborhood to book your Airbnb stay while visiting Santiago. Though most of the population is dressed in business casual, this is also a great spot for families and traveling couples. Las Condes has the most amount of craft shops, great arcades and cinemas, and if you want to be extra touristy Sky Costanera is the highest observatory in South America. Continue reading

Chile Airbnb: Staying in the Vitacura Neighborhood of Santiago Chile


Staying in the Vitacura neighborhood of Santiago, Chile is sure to be a luxurious time well $pent. There is a lot of money in Vitacura as its the shopping center of Santiago. Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Brooks Brothers are all household names. Your Airbnb stay  will allow you live a life of luxury even if only temporarily- not to mention a pretty decent exchange rate from USD to Chilean Peso.

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Chile Airbnb: Staying in the Lastarria Neighborhood of Santiago Chile



Santiago’s historical center- Barrio Lastarria, is an endless hub of cultural activities, street performers, and touristy fun times to be had. Airbnb offers rental homes, apartments, and rooms that let you be in the middle of it all.

The hipster vibes of Lastarria can be enjoyed in this 1 bedroom cozy, colorful apartment. You will surely not forget in which of the best neighborhoods of Santiago you reside. Each wall of your home and neighborhood is an accent wall! This location is near cafes, cinemas, and cultural centers.

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Argentina Top Travel Tips: All the advice and notes you need in preparation for your trip


Getting ready to set off to Argentina? Here is a helpful list of tips and must-knows compiled from the recommendations of expert travelers who’ve made the trip before you, so that you may have just as incredible of a journey, or maybe one even better!


Always have change on youargentine-peso-2013


  • If you want to use the buses, they only accept coins, so you definitely want to hoard those.
  • When you are paying for something, check your bills beforehand to make sure they’re real, in order to avoid the cashier handing you back a counterfeit and claiming that’s what you tried paying with.
  • When you take a taxi, try to pay the exact amount to avoid them giving you the wrong change or saying they have no change to give you.
  • Carry some money in your shoe or your bra and if you can, it’s safest to not walk around with a Debit or Credit card. While many Buenos Aires neighborhoods are safe, you do not want to risk running into trouble and being escorted to an ATM where someone might force you to take out cash.
  • Bring a Visa or Mastercard on your travels for ATM withdrawals, but be aware that you need to break your 100 peso bills in banks, grocery stores, or restaurants – don’t expect to be able to pay with big bills in taxis and at small stores.
  • Fun Fact: Due to the extreme fluctuations of the Argentine Peso, U.S. Dollars are a precious commodity, and in some places you can negotiate a discount if you are paying with this currency. Try to steer clear of dodgy situations though. It’s safer to use local currency because you might be overcharged otherwise.

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5 Things To Do Before Your Trip to Peru

If you’re planning a trip to Peru for the first time, you might be wondering what you need to do to prepare before leaving. Here’s five essential things to stick on your list, in no particular order…



Peru is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in South America, from its ancient ruins to its astonishing jungles. However all that can’t be without its risks and its important to top up your vaccinations before you go. The CDC and WHO recommend that traveller’s receive vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and rabies, particularly if the jungle is on your itinerary. Put some money aside to buy bottled water too as the standard of the tap water can vary depending on where you are.

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The History of Chilean Wines and Why They Are So Popular…

Did you know that Chile is the world’s 5th largest wine exporter, with 100 wineries?! The country is known to be a “world class wine destination” – and it is also the 9th largest producer of wine.


Since the first plantation of vines in the beginning of the 16th century by the conquistador Francisco de Aguirre Copiapó, Chile has had significant growth in the number of variety of grapes presented in its territory. Under the colonial period leaded by the Spanish Empire, various types of grapes coming from Spain were introduced to the country with the main purpose of producing Catholic rituals wines in mass. Originating from the north, the vineyards were expanded to Santiago and then moved to the south during the following century, reaching the Bio Bio River.

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