Top 10 Animals You Must See During Your Trip To Mexico

From the harsh deserts of northern Mexico to the rocky mountains and the humid jungle of the south, Mexico has a climate that houses all kinds of varied species. While many of the native animals of Mexico are under threat of extinction, there are also plenty that continue to thrive. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Animals you must see during your trip to Mexico.

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Guillermo González Beristáin: Bringing Tastes from Around The World to Mexico

Guillermo González Beristaín is not only one of Mexico’s best chefs, but he is one of the best in the whole of Latin America. His restaurant “Pangea”, located in Monterrey, was ranked no.19 on the 2016 List of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Such success can only be testament to the chef’s character and determination, something that Beristáin has plenty of.


A foodie from a young age, Beristáin always knew that the kitchen would play a big part in his future. In an interview he told us how he had always liked cooking and experimenting in the kitchen when he was younger – he enjoyed looking for ingredients and seeing what he could come up with. As he grew older his talent for cooking became noticeable and something he couldn’t ignore.

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Airbnbs for all Types of Travellers in Mexico

Airbnb has become a major platform for finding the perfect accommodation for your trip abroad, with options in more than 34,000 cities worldwide. Since becoming such a popular choice with travellers, they now offer a wide variety of accommodation possibilities so that tourists can choose the perfect option depending on their travel plans. In this post, I am going to outline a few of the Airbnb possibilities available for different types of travellers looking for their desired experiences in Mexico.

Firstly, if you were looking to go to Mexico City, Mexico’s vibrant capital, to soak up Mexican culture, I would recommend an apartment so that you can fully make the most of your time there. This gives you the opportunity to be at the centre of the action, making travelling to different parts of the city and returning home incredibly easy. As an extra tip, if you research what you are looking to do during your trip, you can easily filter your options on Airbnb so that your apartment will be close to the places where you want to visit!


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Visit Tulum – Home to Mayan archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and some of the most impressive cenotes in the world.

The Mayan city of Tulum is located in the Eastern peninsula of Yucatán in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, and is a hotspot for tourists given the incredible level of preservation of its old city walls. The ruins are made up of a number of templos (temples) and castillos (castles) which stand against a breathtaking backdrop of the Caribbean coast as a classic demonstration of Mayan architecture. Interested tourists may consider spending the morning exploring the city – either on a guided tour or independently – followed by an afternoon relaxing on the beach and swimming in the coast’s crystal clear waters.


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Top 5 Drinks in Mexico

When you think of Mexico, tacos and margaritas are usually the first things to come to most people’s minds. Although Mexico’s tacos and margaritas really are quite delicious, there are so many more tasty treats to be found in this country. Here’s a list of the top 5 drinks you should be sure to sample the next time you’re in Mexico!

1. Paloma:


A Paloma is a popular tequila drink which mixes 1 shot of tequila and 3 shots of either Squirt, Jarritos Toronja, or grapefruit soda. At some restaurants, it’s also served as a blended cocktail, combining tequila, grapefruit, lime, and soda.

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La Ventana: Mexico’s Kitesurfing Capital

La Ventana has often been named the new ‘Tarifa’ or ‘Cabarete’ due to its amazing conditions and weather for kitesurfing. With thousands of tourists flocking to this kitesurfing paradise every year, this beach offers the perfect experience with its intense blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, incredible views of Isla Cerralvo and stunning desert surroundings.

la ventana kites

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The City of the Gods – Discover the ancient city of Teotihuacan in the heart of Mexico

With its origins still uncertain, the ancient city of Teotihuacan is a mysterious yet enticing attraction in the heart of Mexico, bringing historians and tourists alike to marvel at the obscure buildings, temples and pyramids, some of which date back to 200BC.


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