How To Have The Best Night Out in Santiago

Santiago is a sea of bars, cafes, restaurants, lounges and clubs, and boasts some of the best nightlife spots, whatever your preference.  Thousands of travellers flock to Chile’s capital every night in search of a night out and a break from the culture overload, after being promised by their tour guide that they will have the best night of their life. Which they will – if they know how to do it right. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the ultimate package for a night out in Santiago.

7.30 pm – Dinner 

A lot of people wouldn’t even consider this first stage as part of the nightlife package but it’s actually one of the most important parts. If you start the night with a poor dinner and don’t line your stomach with some proper food, you’re destined to be passed out in bed before the club has even opened its doors. Hit up Buffalo Waffles, located in the hipster Barrio Lastarria, a quick and easy fix that will leave you feeling satisfied but not overly full so there’s still plenty of room for drinks. It’s also cheap ($3.500 CLP for a waffle) and just a short walk from Bellavista, the part of town with all the bars.

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Rio’s Unsung Nightlife Spots

Wondering if there’s anything else to Rio’s Nightlife besides Lapa and Copacabana? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Baixo Gávea – Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays

This spot is ideal for those who are trying to make those reais last longer! Grab yourself an ice cold can of Brahma or a zesty passionfruit Caipirinha off one of the street kiosks and immerse yourself in Brazilian Student Culture. Despite just being on the doorstep to the touristy Ipanema, this place is filled with locals, with this spot being a favourite of university students. If you want to get your boogie on head down to the nearby 00 nightclub when the crowds start to die down. Don’t be shy and get chatting to the locals, practice your Portuguese and make the most of this truly authentic Cariocan nightlife experience!

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Skiing in Pucón

Pucón is a southern town located in Chile’s lake district. It lies on the banks of Lake Villarrica and at the foot of the great Villarrica volcano. The diversity of its surroundings make Pucón a great destination for adventure sports, especially skiing and snowboarding.


Pucón may be one of the smaller resorts in the country, but how often do you get to say you’ve skied down a volcano? Villarrica is actually one of Chile’s most active volcanoes and one of the few permanently active ones in the world, although most of its activity is largely un-explosive. It stands at over 9000 ft above sea level and is capped with snow all year round, including 40 km2 of stunning glaciers. The north side of the mountain is where you’ll find The Pucón Ski Centre, in an excellent location just 20 minutes from the centre of town. In general a ski holiday here is a really unique, rustic experience away from a lot of the more commercial resorts, where you’ll be able to experience true chilean culture during your stay. The slopes themselves make for some awesome skiing, as previous lava flows have created a unique terrain with natural half pipes and overhangs.

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An Introductory Class to Argentine Tango – The Importance of Tension, and Balloons…

Having just gotten home after my first ever class of Argentine tango, I thought I should pen down a few impressions and tips I learnt for you while they are still fresh.


I followed the music past the posters on the wall featuring ads for tango concerts and milongas. Inside a large room with one long mirrored wall were a couple, floating to the music with their eyes closed and their arms tightly wrapped around each other, apparently completely unaware of the ten-or-so people gathered at the entrance watching them. As the song came to an end, we all clapped and the couple came out of their trance to welcome us into the room. They made it all look astonishingly simple.

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