Patagonia: Things To Know Before You Go

Jewel-blue streams, cascading waterfalls, dazzling glaciers and spectacular wildlife. Welcome to Patagonia. Easily one of the most awe-inspiring geological spectacles on earth, it is home to some of the most staggeringly beautiful protected areas of wildlife in the world. Located at the southern end of South America, between Chile and Argentina, this sparsely populated region is not far from being the 8th wonder of the world. As a result, it is no surprise that many bucket lists include trekking through the fjords and glacier-filled sceneries of Patagonia. Attracting travellers from all around the globe, the top highlights and tourist hotspots are the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, and Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park.

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Visiting The Famous Cueva del Milodón in Torres Del Paine

When you go on an excursion to Torres Del Paine, you’ll have the chance to visit Cueva del Milodón, a natural monument near Puerto Natales that was under water years and years ago. Read my article on my trip to Torres Del Paine if you haven’t already:)! The natural monument is quite big with miradors, rocks, tunnels and various caves – big and small. Here’s a great map of the area if you want to check it out. Since there are a lot of points of attractions in this area, I’m only going to talk about a few.


First of all, what interested me when I visited this monument was a rock called “Silla del Diablo.” There are many stories to why they called this rock the devil. To me, I believe that it is because of its strange power to resist erosion and especially after all of the natural events that have happened to the area. Imagine, this area was covered by water and ice for over 800 million years! Throughout the years, the ice eroded the rocks and hills, carving the shape of this valley through its path. When you visit this rock, you can see that it was split in half! But even until today, this particular half of the rock still remains strong and steady. A lot of people also say that if you look carefully enough, you can see the face of the devil carved somewhere on the rock! Visit the place and check it out yourself!

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