Top 5 Airbnb Rentals in Santiago


Art and history, shopping and entertainment, or football and food – whatever brought you to Chile’s capital, here are the top 5 Airbnb rentals in Santiago, each for its own reason. Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Staying in an Airbnb in Chile


You’re adventurous enough to choose Chile as your travel destination so, you’re wise enough to use Airbnb while you’re there! Here are the top 5 benefits of staying in an Airbnb while in Chile.

1. Value. Chile has a pretty snug population density, but you shouldn’t feel cramped when you go home. Hotel rooms can feel tight and stiff and they are certainly going to be smaller than

PicForNewsletterTorontoNov2005BestWesternBedyour apartment. The cost you will pay for a two bedroom home will be comparative to a hotel room. Your Airbnb will have more space, more accommodations, more comfort..MORE! Apartment-in-Cap-dAil-France-1

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Chile Airbnb: Off the Beaten Path – Unique Accommodations in Reñaca Chile


Chile has a seemingly never ending coastline. One beautiful benefit to this is the beach town of Reñaca. As you make your way through Chile, you will land in Reñaca to enjoy the finer side of your vacation. Airbnb provides many places to shack up, so here are a few unique accommodations offered in Reñaca, Chile. Continue reading

Chile Airbnb: Off the Beaten Path – Unique Accommodations in Valparaíso Chile


Valparaíso, Chile, port city, city of colors, whatever you may know it by, it is your soon-to-be second home in Chile. Here are some unique, Airbnb provided accommodations in this one of a kind town.

First things first – Airbnb.

Airbnb is a trusted and reliable marketplace connecting people all over the world to provide unique travel experiences. With over 3 million listings, you can find a place of your liking in download (1)more than 65,000 cities in 191 countries. Bohemian villa, castle in the woods, or tiny hipster room for two – Airbnb has you covered. In this post you will discover some of what Valparaíso has to offer – from quirky styles, to special locations, to all around different – these unique accommodations provided by Airbnb will make you even more excited about your stay in Chile.

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Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Australia


Aussies have been travelling to Chile for a long time for business and pleasure. However, if its your first go at visiting Latin America, here are a few things to note.


Australians are able to enter Chile with a valid passport. Australian citizens arriving to Chile at Santiago International Airport are required to pay a reciprocity fee of $117 usd. You will receive a 90 day tourist card. Maintain proof that you have paid this fee. Santiago International is the usual point of arrival. Your flight will be a long haul, as most places are from Australia. Be prepared for a sixteen hour journey if there are no delays. The flight may also “cost big bikkies” depending on the season you choose to travel, with a round trip ticket costing an average of $2,000. Planning ahead and going in the hotter seasons might evade a little of the cost.

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Chile Airbnb: What You Need to Know Coming From Europe


Vacation season often becomes hunting season for Europeans on the hunt for sunshine, vibrant culture, bright food, and an overall amazing experience to capture on Instagram- often leading to Latin America. Chile being your first and possibly most exciting adventure may have you wondering where to start. Here are few important things to consider as you make your way to Chile.


You need a valid passport. If it’s been awhile, check your expiration date-wouldn’t want that to creep up on you at immigration. You will not need a visa to enter Chile. Upon arrival during immigration processing you will receive a 30, 60, or 90 day tourist card, often in the form of a passport stamp, with 90 being the most common. This is similar to a “visa upon arrival” concept. I like to also keep a copy or two of my passport on my person. This can be helpful when renting a vehicle or providing a copy for your Airbnb host. Either way-good to have on hand.

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